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Bad Witch


This is the continuation of the scene from the 7/07 update. I did not want to post an update to the story yet, because there isn't any sex in it, and I think it goes on too long and needs to be spiced up with the aforementioned sex. So the sex scene with Ursula and Galatea I'm working on now will probably take place in the middle of this coversation rather than afterward.



P.S.: If you don't get the reference in the first paragraph, please turn in your Geekery License to the nearest authorities. ^.^


"I'm a bad witch," Ursula said, dropping the quilt and scooting her round butt up against the bed's headboard. "Very bad. Terrible, in fact." Ursula saw a crinkle of confusion cross Galatea's brow, and added, "That is, I'm really bad at witchcraft." Galatea's silence felt like a vacuum and the lacey confines of the four poster bed became a confessional. "My older brother let me play Dungeons and Dragons with him and his friends when I was nine. After a couple of games the group thought my ideas were cooler and asked me to be Dungeon Master. I was still running the show in high school. One girl in my group, Marcie, had a real crush on me, but her character died…I think her name was Black Leaf or something…Marcie took it kind of hard. Anyway, that's how I got into the occult.


"I studied for years, became a pagan, started spelling 'magic' with a 'k,' went to Bryn Mawr College, you name it. At first, it made me feel good; gave me something to be angry and defensive about other than being a really short, big dyke, you know?" Ursula wrapped herself around a down pillow and chewed, absent minded, on a braid. Galatea just stared, eyes shining like polished moss agate. "But soon it became my routine and I just went through the motions, until something incredible happened: I discovered the Internet."


Galatea blinked. "Wait. What?"


"I moved here. This town is geek Heaven except for some reason the closest thing to a New Age store around here is the Hobby Lobby. Dee built me a PC and Viggo let me splice into his broadband connection…Don't look at me like that, I'm so not Dee's type and Viggo isn't interested in any woman that doesn't come without a combo attack….Now don't look at me like that, either, that was a damn good pun. Anyway, I found this medical supply outlet online that has a huge selection of homeopathic and all-natural products for all kinds of stuff. Their wholesaler must be really great, because whenever I use their stuff as reagents or ingredients or whatever, my magic actually works! Although it never works exactly the way I expect. So I went from being no witch at all, to a bad witch."


"Holy shit," Galatea said, letting the quilt slide off her slick back. "You talk a lot."


Ursula blushed, tried to hide her entire body behind the pillow. "I wanted to give the right answer."


"I was joking," Galatea laughed, "I was gunna fuck you senseless no matter what you said."


"Yes!" Ursula hissed, waving her fists high in the air.


Galatea spread out on the bed, her legs first fusing and then oozing out into a jellied ziggurat beneath her bellybutton. "But first," she said, muttering, "Jesus-Christ-I-can't-believe-I'm-saying-this," before continuing, "I've got a few more questions, but you gotta promise to keep your answers short, or no soup for you, got it?"


"Oh, ha, ha," Ursula said, and threw the pillow. It flipped once in the air then stuck fast in Galatea's deep cleavage. "Oops, ha ha…" Ursula giggled, her laughter genuine, but Galatea sighed and —gloop!—the pillow vanished within her, and Ursula's laughter trailed off, "…ha—Hey! Oof!" The pillow splat down on Ursula's head like a melted green marshmallow. "Got it."


"Good," Galatea said, the cannon sticking out of her shoulder morphing back into her left arm. "First question: That online catalogue or wholesaler wouldn't happen to be named 'SRU,' would it?"


"Yes. How did you know?"


Galatea shrugged. "Lucky guess. How did you know my name? Magic?"


"No, lucky guess. I was walking in the hallway when I heard some girl scream, 'What's my fucking name?' and Dee shout 'Galatea!'" Ursula said, her screechy, cartoonish impressions somehow cute and unflattering at the same time. "I've been listening to the two of you screw each other's brains out ever since. It's not as if I've had a choice. I don't understand why Bee hasn't called the landlord or even the cops about you two yet."




Ursula nodded. "Your downstairs neighbor. Quiet guy, very intense. I worry about him. He wouldn't take any soap."


"Why did you offer him soap?"


"Like I said, I worry about him."


Galatea's arm snaked down to the floor and tossed a bar of soap into Ursula's lap. "So what does it do?"


"By itself?" Ursula said, tossing the bar back and forth in her hands, "nothing. But I always keep a little of the base left over from each batch I make, and I use it to, so I've got a sympathetic link to whoever uses it in case I need it. The law of contagion is a very powerful force in sympathetic magic and I don't need to explain how magic works to a six foot tall girl made of green goo, do I?"


"Who've you given the soap too?" Galatea asked.


"Let's see," Ursula said, ticking off the list with her fingers, "Granddad, my mom and dad, my big brother—to keep tabs on them. Diane and Joy from work—Oh, and that girl who works at the Starbucks because she's got a great…uh, personality. And I tried to give some to Bee, because he worries me. And Dee."


Galatea heard the pregnant pause. "Because?" she said.


"Because Dee terrifies me."



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