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It's Always Time

by Oblimo

Act Five: Just Desserts

Chapter Four

Through the Skin to the Core


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Update 03/04/07



Unyx stumbled, caught herself on one of the few trees remaining upright. "wait – what?"


Eurydice turned, leaving Raspberry and CeeCee to lead Dee by the hand. The tufted tops of wild grass tickled and stuck against her greasy green knees. "You need what Dee's got inside him, right? We all do. Well, the only way to get it is to fuck it outta him and into you. Not really your thing, so you just relax."


Raspberry yelped, stopped her backward march through the untamed field, bumping up against Dee's right side. "I think a pussywillow just went up my butt." She leered up at Dee. "Care to lend a hand?" She slid his hand into the crack of her ass. She gazed down, whistling. "A couple good hard reams from that dick and the pussywillow'll pop out my fucking nose."


Eurydice sighed, rolled up an imaginary sleeve. Her arm lengthened and angled into a blunt, agate scythe. "Step back, girls." She swung her arm out and down, threshing a swath of grass in a single stroke.


"Watch where you swing that thing," Raspberry said, her other hand stealing down toward Dee's crotch. "You'll poke your eye out."


"You talking to Dee," Eurydice said, scything, "or me? Dibs on that dick, by the way. It's Mine, so I get the first shot. Or two, or twenty-two. Got that?"


Dee smiled and shook his head. CeeCee oozed close to Dee's left side, sizing him up, a sex-starved milf overeager to tip the paperboy. Her wide mouth and satin-soft lips trembled inches away from his neck. "You keep me waiting that long and I'll just eat the two of you."


Unyx pressed her back against the tree but found little shelter. Her eye-mask shrank into black contacts. "Are you really planning what I think you're planning?"


Eurydice tamped down the unruly sward. "Me, Raz, and CeeCee are gunna—oof—find out just how much cum Dee's really got in him. Something tells me we're going to need it all to face down my baby sister." She worked around in a wide circle. "And then we're going fuck his cum into you one nanogasm at a time, no matter how much of Nyx we gotta stuff up our cunts or how much Ursula-pussy we gotta eat. It's the only logical solution." She stood up and shrugged. "Don't you think?"


Unyx's eye-mask gushed over her face. "yes – yes – yes!" She waved her fists high in the air.


CeeCee hummed in thought. "You know, if I did eat you and Dee, we could both have him, right there and then, inside and out. What do you say, Dee? Dee, what's with that look?" Dee scowled and smoldered, sandwiched between CeeCee's luscious cream and curves on one side and Raspberry's stunning, shameless beauty on the other. "Why have you gone so quiet, honey?" CeeCee stepped back. "Why are you laughing, Eurydice?"


Eurydice made one last, long swipe with her scythe. "Cuz you gunna get reaped." Her scything-arm straightened, shortened, and split into five finger-long razors. She grumbled, shaking out her arm until her hand reformed. "There." She inspected her handiwork, a cropped circle of compressed and interwoven grass and brush. "Perfect. The Green Man himself wouldn't wish for a finer bed." She stepped into the center of the clearing, and extended her hand. "Would you, Dee?"


Raspberry gasped, paled, and pulled away. "Lookit him." A sudden hush fell over the field. "What's happening?" Dee stepped into the circular clearing. The living bed of wild greenery rustled softly under his feet. Every noise sounded quiet and close.


"You've never seen Dee get really turned on before," Eurydice said, "that's all." She reached for his hand but Dee slid his fingers up and clasped her forearm, making her shiver.


CeeCee stood at the threshold of the green bed. "Dee's really turned on?"


Eurydice peered into Dee's eyes. "A little bit, yeah." Together, they knelt onto the green.


Raspberry quivered at CeeCee's side. "Lookit. It's like, it's like…"


Eurydice breathed, "The wrath of a god," and moved close and kissed him. Dee cradled her face in his hands, bowed her backward with the ferocity of his need. He broke the kiss and Eurydice cried out in wordless, mindless delight.


"It's time," he said.



Update 03/05/07





Dee ran his fingers over the heart-shaped contours of Eurydice's face and into her hair. She felt electric, not hot, under his hands, although he could see her heat churn the air. Her surface tension was plastic but alive. She laughed in helpless pleasure, eyes half-crossed and half-closed, butterfly kissing his wrist and arm between the giggles: "Ah-hah, ah-hum, hm-mm."


"So alive," Dee said. He leaned forward, one hand supporting her neck, the other sliding down her sleek, bare back. A spray of wildflower buds spotted the grass around them.


"I live," Eurydice said, lying back onto the wild bed until Dee loomed over her, "for you."


"All this build-up," Raspberry bitched, standing at the edge of the bed, eyes bugging, "just for some missionary?"


Dee caressed Eurydice's neck, squeezed the cello curve above her hip. "Your hands feel so big." She luxuriated on the mat of grass, arms crooked above her head. Wildflower blossomed opened on the living mattress, haloing her head in a quiet riot of pastel colors. "You make me feel so, so safe, Dee." Dee circled a thumb over a wine-dark nipple. It hardened like glass, making her gasp and arch. "And so fucking hot." Dee slid his hand down her tummy and slipped a finger into her molten sex. Eurydice whimpered. "No more. No more teasing." He lay down over her in a slow, full-body clinch, his dick pressed against her inner thigh. She chewed her lip. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."


Raspberry gurgled, "H-holy shit." Dee turned his head. Raspberry had fallen to her knees, head bent, hair falling about her face in long, drippy chains of orchid petals, over shirt flapping open to reveal lavender gel-flesh slick with perspiration. She pawed her pussy, a tangy bouquet of berry-and-sex complimenting Eurydice's heady citrus-and-sex perfume. "Fuck her. Fuck her before I fucking explode."


Dee shifted, balancing his weight on his left hand pressed into the matt of grass above beside Eurydice's neck. Green shoots sprung up between his fingers, burst into flowering Baby's Breath. The frantic growth raced over the grass until the two lovers were ringed in yellow Anemone, vibrant Holyhock, trembling rosid flowers of every color in nature's paint box. Dee gazed deep into eyes of green gem-fire, the head of his cock nudging against Eurydice's outer labia. "What's my name?" he asked her.



Update 03/07/07




She smiled. She sighed, "Green Man," and he entered into her. She was satin and lightning around him, fluid but so strong, stronger than anything he had felt since they had left SRU together, since he—What had Yves called it?—achieved kensho. Everything had become soft and impermanent clay, but touching Eurydice, penetrating her, he knew a flux so powerful, thick and fast it felt eternal. Dee felt like he could fuck her forever.


"I love you," he said, moving against her, and then with her as she picked up his rhythm, "forever." She wondered up at him, emerald eyes wide as saucers, her mouth open in a silent, exultant O. "I'll fuck you," he said, his tempo growing longer, deeper, "forever." She wrapped one hand, and then another, around his neck, and her whole body began to move under him, rocking in time with each thrust. "What's my name?"


"Green Man," she said, eyes locked on his. The ring of flowers around them expanded in spiraling arms. "Cum in me," Eurydice begged. Dee felt the fingers behind him melt and merge, saw her soften in a slow dissolve. "Cum in me now. It's so good." Her legs, sex and belly began to yield, runny and slick. "You make me feel so good that I'll…" She gasped and gulped, ragged and hard. "I'll burn up."


Dee hooked one arm under her leg, his hand spread across the hollow of her knee. "No." He pressed his fingers into her supple flesh. "You won't."


Eurydice shuddered. "Oh God. Ah fuck." Her arms fell. "Oh, wow." She clawed the green bed, tore great clumps of flowers from the ground, uprooting whole plants in strong, perfectly formed hands. "Nanomek," she mumbled on the verge of incoherence. "Nanogasm. So many, so much, so fucking good." Her leg grew taut in his hand. "What's, what's happening?"


Dee rocked onto his knees. He hauled up on Eurydice's leg, now firm and fleshy as any showgirl's, until her shin bounced against his shoulder. "I'll fuck you, forever," he said, and drove deep. "I'll fill you, forever." He perked up, remembering. "Nanomek density."


Eurydice cried out. Her head whipped back and forth, arms outspread, fingers digging into the green bed, anchoring herself in place. "Flying," she breathed, barely a whisper, "flying. Cumming. Flying." Her toes got gluey and stuck together. He caressed and kissed them, tasted a tingling tangy honey, his rhythm into her unrelenting. Her toes reformed, their surface tension snapping back, and they curled in the spasm of orgasm. "You break me down," she babbled. "You build me up. You burn me up you bring me back. Over and over and all over and always and—and…" Dee plucked up her other leg. He tipped her hips, hugged her knees to his chest, and drove deeper. She groaned, low and half-mad. "And you still. Haven't. Cum."


Update 03/10/07



Raspberry fell onto her back in the tall grass, knees bent, pelvis pumping, hand twitching against her gushy sex. She spoke through gritted teeth. "Weren't we s'posed to be fucking his brains out right now? All I wanna do, all I can think about is Dee on top of me." Her index finger fluttered atop her clitoral hood. "Dee inside me. Dee cumming in me. It's like I'm tuned into channel Dee-eee…" Her last word stretched into a whine. She clutched at her breast, teasing a nipple erect. "…'Eezus Christ! I don't have enough nanomek left to get off anymore!" She frigged herself sloppy. "It just itches itches itches and I can't cum—just one more orgasm and I'll come apart I know I will, I—Ah fuck I'm goin' bugfuck!"


CeeCee quivered at the green bed's threshold. The chaotic carpet of flowers zipped around the bed's periphery, inches from feet the color of fading cornsilk. She held up her hand, and after a moment's hesitation, eased it forward, wincing as she passed the imaginary boundary of the green bed. A flush rushed down her fingertips, sallow yellow revitalizing into sunny lemon. "Raz. Oh, Raz, feel it." Her arm undulated forward, filling up with churning, vivid cream. "It's blood music."


Raspberry could only grunt. "Nanomek? Spooge-free nanogasm? Bull-fucking-shit." She squirmed a dainty foot onto the green bed, pinky toe brushing the lips of a blue tulip. Her jellified leg flashed an opaque violet. Raspberry squealed in surprise, yanked her leg back. The dark purple stole up her leg in an undercurrent of swirling inner gel. "Yes! Fuck yes! I'm finally gunna get laid. But first…" She sat up, tongue caught between her teeth, finger fucking herself something furious. "I'm gettin' off."




Unyx braced herself against the tree, her eye-mask narrowing into a horizontal slit. "something — wrong."



"Oh, hey!" Tomoe's voice almost made Unyx jump out of her skins. "There you are, little sisters. I thought I…um." Tomoe stepped up beside her. "That's…um." Tomoe's eyes followed Eurydice's feet as they traced little helpless circles above Dee's head in the center of the green bed. Dee hugged her legs higher, dragging the green girl's hips into the air. "That's a lot of…" Eurydice's ass bounced against Dee's haunches in wet, meaty slaps. Eurydice could only babble nonsense words and rip flowers out of the ground, roots growing and wriggling about her hands before she let them fall. Tomoe gulped, hands toying with the neck of her blouse. "Kuzbu. Yeah. Lots."


Unyx thought it through. "kuzbu — kudzu — Green Man?" She shook her head. "missing — something — what?"


"You can't see it?" Tomoe popped open the top button of her white blouse.


Unyx's eye mask shrank into contact lenses as she squinted. "We think we see something but we keep getting distracted by the…you know." She blushed, silver on milk-white cheeks. "The Easy girl we're going to start fucking in a few minutes. This space-time/second sight stuff is new to both of us. The whole 'knowing the future but still living in the moment' thing? It's kinda like getting stoned, but nothing's funny and there's no munchies." Her blush darkened into grey. "Not the food kind, anyway."


Tomoe rubbed the flat plane of her chest above her breasts, forcing her blouse to fall open in a slanted V. "You're thinking fourth-dimensionally. Go up one more." Unyx set her jaw, head bobbing and weaving as if trying to peer through a crowd. Then her jaw dropped and she wobbled on her feet, grabbing the tree to keep her balance. "There you go," Tomoe drawled.


"Kuzbu, kudzu, Green Man." Unyx shook her head, remembering. ["…His yang was so out of whack and you just go ahead and give him more…"] "This isn’t about sperm at all, is it?" Tomoe gave her a one-shouldered shrug. "It's about yin and yang, right? Meliae don't need sperm, they need yang."


"Don't we all," Tomoe sighed, taking a step toward the green bed.


Dee hooked his thumbs under Eurydice's knees, squeezed her thighs, and bore down into her. Her legs crooked back far enough for her tits to rebound off her knees as the shadow of his thick cock disappeared further into her translucent core than ever before. "What's my name?"


Tomoe took another step forward, unbuttoned the second button of her blouse, murmuring, "Green Man," an instant before Eurydice screamed the same reply at the sky.


Tomoe hung her purse on a nearby branch. "It's been a long, long time. Since forever." Unyx realized Tomoe was talking to herself. "I'm sure SB wouldn't mind if I…maybe just a little…" Tomoe drew near the edge of the green bed, working on the last two buttons of her blouse.


A third voice, softer and less sure than Tomoe's, spoke up behind Unyx, but this time she was not surprised in the least. "Uh, hi? Little girl? You wouldn't happen to have five dollars on you, would you?"


Unyx turned about-face and got her first good, real-time look at Jo Echo. The tall, toned, brunette beauty looked beat-up, bruised, bedraggled, and downright filthy in stark contrast to her coppery one-piece dress, pressed and pristine and ready-to-wear for a night on the town. Unyx let her eye-mask leak over her face. She folded her arms across her perky breasts, rocked her violin-curvy hips and tapped a high heeled boot. "little — girl?"


Jo fidgeted, downcast. "Sorry." She stole subconscious, sideways glimpses at the obsidian Goth girl. The angular, porcelain-white face with raccoon eye-mask. The thick, horizontal, licorice pig-tails. The Go-Go boots that stretched up into a gleaming, black bodystocking so tight she looked more naked than naked. Even the little rounded mound of her pubis was described in shine and shadow. Jo stared at Unyx's candy-coated camel toe. Unyx cleared her throat. Jo started, squeezed her eyes shut. "Sorry! Sorry."


Unyx held out an empty, gloved hand. Jo peeped at it, blinking in surprise as a few five dollar bills unfurled out of the polished-black palm. "fifteen — dollar — gift — no — strings — 'kay?"


Jo stuttered, "Okay," and delicately plucked up the bills. The tip of her index finger brushed against the vitreous, frictionless surface of Unyx's palm. Jo's skin seized up in goose bumps. "Wow." She snapped out of her Unyx-ogling trance, seemed to notice her surroundings for the first time. "What's going on, anyway? Holy shit." Jo pointed past the tall grass at the border of the green bed where Tomoe slowly slipped her blouse off her shoulders, revealing the rosy Wonderbra underneath, marveling at Dee and Eurydice's rutting without any modesty or apparent fatigability. "I wasn't dreaming it. It's really him. The 'What?' guy. The Master." She frowned down at a pair of unblinking eyes like twin ebony reflecting pools. "Why are you looking at me like that?"


"Cherry — nanomek."


"Nano-what?" Jo asked "You mean the nova-whatsis?"


"novalunium — nanomek — yes." Unyx tipped her head, tapping her chin with the tip of a claw. "little — left — very — little — but — some."


"Is that, um, bad?" Jo's fistful of dollars rustled as she started to tremble. "And since when did you have, uh, claws?"


"not — sure — but…" The obsidian Goth girl's eye-mask siphoned away until only her irises shone as starless night. "Best to play it safe. Can't really risk it, so…" She stepped close. Eurydice's wails of multiple orgasm echoed around them as Unyx smirked, claws flexing, shoulders rolling. "Looks like we've got to go in and get it out."



Update 03/12/07



Jo skittered back. "What do you mean?"


Unyx lightly scraped a thumb and forefinger down either side of her neck, relishing the ghostly, doubled sensation. She felt a stranger's talons caress and tickle the pale flesh of her neck, as gentle and frictionless as water; she felt a stranger's skin beneath her talons, soft yet solid. She experienced both feelings simultaneously but separate, as if she had two senses of touch, two sensory organs relaying the same kind of information to a single mind. It brought her two halves so close together, but the mind-body gap of the stranger's touch confused and muddled her, made her clumsy. If she were to free the pretty brunette (Pretty grotty too, added her inner Martha Stewart), Ursula and Nyx must become closer still. (And the brunette must take a shower or bidet or something. We are Unyx, but we are not touching that until it's had a bath.) "How do you feel?" Unyx asked.


"Hammered, hung over," Jo answered. She touched her hair and flinched. "Gross. And kind of disconnected." She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "It's hard to describe, it's like, uh…"


"Like you're on running automatic pilot?" Unyx suggested, tipping her head.


"I was going to say like being gorked on nasal decongestant, but, yeah, 'automatic pilot' is better. So what are you saying?"


"Black Cherry's still in your noggin." Unyx hooked a thumb in Dee's direction. Dee was French kissing Eurydice hard, holding her knees almost to her elbows. "That guy's name's Dee, by the way. You just called him 'Master'." The green girl made, muffled, manic mm—mm—mm! noises with his every thrust. "Although I think I'm starting to empathize."


Jo grimaced. "I did?" She clutched her head. "Oh, fuck, you're right, I did. I can still hear that cherry chocolate nutjob inside my head. I can't stand it." Her eyes widened, imploring. "Can you really get her out? Please? I'll do anything."


Unyx nodded. "I can, but you'll have to trust me. Once we begin, it'll be dangerous to stop—she might be able to take hold of you again completely if we do—and things'll get even weirder before they start getting better. Something tells me you're going to like it, though."


"Whatever, just…wait." Jo pointed. "What's she doing? What's going on?"



Tomoe had stepped onto the green bed, arms open and hugging the air, giggling like a schoolgirl. Her raven hair billowed about her bare, petite shoulders and slender back although no breeze blew. Her creamy golden skin darkened into a brown olive, the kind of flawless tan only seen in fashion magazines. She kicked off her high heels, laughter sparkling, skin glowing in health. Unyx noticed no change in Tomoe's height when her tall heels came off. Tomoe's flying hair tickled her bra strap. Unyx was certain it was shoulder length just a few minutes ago.


"Dee's putting out," Unyx said, watching Tomoe twirl, the honey-brown cleavage created by her Wonderbra spilling over the rosy brassiere push-up wire, bending it out of shape. "Tomoe's taking a yang bath." Unyx turned a sly eye to the skuzzy brunette. "Hm."


Tomoe's blissed-out smile twisted. "Ow!" She hunched over, hopping on one leg, hair falling in thick, lustrous locks down to her knees. Her black miniskirt split down the seams revealing rosy silk panties. "Damn it, damn it, I can't believe I forgot." She reached behind her back, wrestling with the hook of her bra. Her rosy panties sunk between the swollen globes of her ass, looking more like a thong than a pair of bloomers. The bra's straps bit into her shoulders, and no amount of plucking would unhook them. "Ooh, dammit. Oh, I know!" She swung upright to a height of nearly six feet, hair fanning in crescent waves. She squared her shoulders and punched her elbows out. "Pow!" The metal hooks of the bra ripped out of elastic straps and the lingerie flew off her chest. Tomoe toppled, long legs kicking, her paroxysm of laughter making her breasts wobble.


"Jesus," Jo gawked. "She's Wonder Woman."


Update 03/14/07



"Aren't we all." Unyx took Jo by the hand, felt the brunette thrill at her touch. "C'mon, let's get started." She urged Jo toward the green bed. She almost asked, What's your name, Jo?, but caught her self just in time. "What's your name?"


"Jo." The brunette wavered on her feet. "What're you going to do?"


Unyx sighed. The sounds of the fallow field played around them: Tomoe's throaty laughter, Raspberry's shuddery growls, CeeCee's susurrations of regenerating gel-flesh, Dee's fucking Eurydice insensate. "You said you heard Black Cherry in your head," Unyx told Jo. "What did it sound like? A walkie-talkie?"


"No." Jo thought. "It was like singing. Music. Not beautiful, but irresistible. I was dancing, all the time, no matter what I was actually doing. It felt like a mad dance."


"Blood music," Unyx agreed.


On the green bed, Tomoe grabbed her breasts, kneading and tweaking her chocolate-dark nipples between her long fingers. She inhaled, deep from the diaphragm. Her nipples climbed erect, thick as thumbs. The flesh beneath her hands swelled, forcing her fingers apart. She collapsed into laughter again, her tits weighty enough now to slam together, which just made her laugh harder.


Unyx gulped. "Uh, what were we talkin' 'bout?"


Jo, mesmerized by Tomoe's mammary extravaganza, managed, "Music. I think."


Tomoe rolled onto her tummy, presenting Unyx and Jo with her pert ass, and squashed dozens of flowers beneath her breasts. Her laughter slowed but her breath quickened as she dragged her new flesh through the sea of soft petals beneath her. She reached between her legs, pressed the smooth heads of tulips and poppies against her inner thighs. She swallowed the last of her giggles, pulled down her panties, and pushed the silken but firm flowers into her vulva. She rocked on her knees, gasping and shuddery, grinding against flowers and fingers, giving Unyx and Jo front-row seats.


Unyx swam lightheaded, her sex aflutter and aflood, her nanomek heating up with prickly need. Her Ursula half had never felt a nanomek powered sex drive before—little burning wires by the thousands—her Nyx half had never felt an estrogen powered sex drive before. Got to simmer down before we just leap in and bury our heads in that big, juicy ass and that glorious pussy oh God we can smell it from here… Unyx burned some of her last remaining nanomek to increase her olfactory input and wallow in the smell of flowers and sex but the brunette's funk hit her inner Martha Stewart like a combo brick wall/cold shower.


"So," Unyx said, wrinkling her button nose, "blood music. That's Black Cherry's nanomek—you called it 'novi-whatsis'—inside you. There's just enough for you to hear, but it’s not loud enough to pinpoint the source. We gotta turn up the volume inside you a little bit, but not too much, then we can go in and turn it off. Understand?" Tomoe drove herself to a silent orgasm before them, brawny legs locked rigid, "Understand, Jo?"


"Uh. Huh?" Tomoe slumped into the blossoms and Jo came out from under her spell. "Oh. Yeah. Turn off the music. Sure." She turned. "What the Hell is that?"


Unyx held up a page torn out from the Sudoku book, covered in cryptic scrawl. "It's a binding." She smirked. "We've got a few tucked away in case of emergencies."


"Binding? Binding what?"


"We are going to bind ourselves to ourselves."




"No. Us. M-me. Unyx." The obsidian Goth girl touched a thin but long scar on her cheek. "Ursula and Nyx were in a car accident. They were close—Ursula inside Nyx, Nyx inside Ursula—but not close enough. To survive the crash, they sang the blood music—together. And now, we are Unyx. But if we are going to stop Black Cherry's music…" Unyx's contacts of living ink seeped into her eyes then over her lids into a black eye-mask. "you – must – sing – blood – music – with – us."


"Whoa, now." Jo hopped away. "You're cute and sexy as Hell, but I've had enough nova-whatsis music. I don't want to be a slave to the rhythm anymore. There's got to be another way."


Unyx nodded, ripping the page in two. "yes – separate – bind – Nyx – Ursula – keep – Unyx – Jo – separate." Unyx tore the page into fourths, made a square paper sandwich, and popped it into her mouth.


Jo scratched her head. "What you do that for? How does this binding thing work anyway? I sound like an idiot asking all these questions, don't I?" She gingerly inspected the foul bird's nest her hair had become. "I must look like one, at least."


"hardly." Unyx chewed, eye-mask dwindling. "Your friends ran away screaming. You stayed, asked questions." Worry flashed across Jo's face and Unyx added, "They're okay—cops picked them up, I'm told. Okay?" Jo nodded. Unyx swallowed, continuing. "Okay. A binding is, well, kinda complicated. Hm. Oh! Think of it as sheet music for nanomek, the nova-whatsis that plays the blood music. You ever see one of those old player pianos, with the rolls of paper? It's like that. We, Nyx and Ursula, both had to consume the binding, or it wouldn't work."


Tomoe groaned, still lying flat but clapping her hands over her ears. "Yap, yap, yap. What a turn off." She rolled over and sat up. Tresses of hair fell about her like a cloak of shadow, darker than Nyx herself. Unyx was struck by Tomoe's exotic beauty, her oval face, almond eyes, and honey-olive skin. Was she Indian? Japanese? Maori, maybe? Unyx could not tell.


"You done?" Tomoe asked. "Good. You really need to work on your air of mystery, little sisters. You explain too much. Next time, just make up something like, oh, 'bio-Gematria,' and tell her to look it up on the Internet later. Hey, look at this." Explosive new growth pushed aside the blossoms flattened by Tomoe's earlier passion, blooming faster, thicker, more eager. Tomoe brushed her arms through the flowerbed, purring in pleasure. "You know, any man that can make me feel this good…" She fell to all fours, turned about, and padded off through the flowers "…Deserves a reward."


"We’re running out of time, then," Unyx said, unable to keep her eyes off Tomoe's swaying hips and ass as she crawled in a beeline to the center, where Dee still plowed Eurydice into orgasmic oblivion. The binding sat in Unyx's stomach, an inert lump, like a too-big bite of spaghetti. "We need more nanomek to get the player piano paper rolling." She took Jo's hand in hers again, leading her back to the green bed. "And you could use a yang bath."


Tomoe called over her shoulder, "That's better, but—mmf!" A cluster of sunflowers burst up beneath her, tickling her bare flesh, fluffing against her face. Her eyes crossed and she slid prone, cooing and cackling, clutching sunflowers to her chest.


"Oh, yeah." Unyx reached the periphery of the green bed. "Listen, Jo: Dee's focused his kuzbu, but when we step into the crop circle, you'll feel it full-bore. It's going to be a bit…intense."


Tomoe's voice drifted over the sunflowers. "Just quit yappin' and let it happen." Her head peeped up, dark eyes burning with mischief. "Or do I have to sit on your face to shut you up?"


Unyx paused at the verge of the green bed. Jo looked down at her. "Well?"


"We're thinking, we're thinking," Unyx said.


Update 03/17/06



"Pfft." Tomoe broke through the wall of tall heliotropes, eating out an overripe sunflower head. Her eyes fell on Dee's heaving, sweat-oiled back, and the flower head slipped through her fingers. "I've got a bigger fish to fry."


"Now or never," Unyx said, giving Jo's hand a quick squeeze.


Jo's hand froze. "Sorry." She squeezed back. "You just feel so, I dunno…"


Unyx wiggled her fingers between Jo's. "Slinky?" Jo bit her lip, nodded violently, eyes shut tight. Unyx's liquid black eye-mask unrolled across her skin, coating her face from eyebrow to sharp cheekbone. "just – let – it – happen."


Jo nodded slower, bent down to tuck her fistful of dollars under a fallen branch. She straightened, smoothed out her dress, and gave Ursula the thumbs up, her smile anxious. Hand in hand, Jo and Unyx crossed the border of tall grass onto the flowering green bed.


Both girls startled stiff, then relaxed into little giggles. Unyx knew the sensation exactly. When Ursula was ten years old, her parents had thrown her a surprise birthday party. They had executed it flawlessly, with a feint party, a little weekend soiree with a few friends and modest presents, the sort of party Ursula always had. On her actual birthday, they took her to the community center for violin practice, and instead there was candy and friends and candy and cake and candy and presents and a magician and candy and a belly-dancer and candy. It was simple, pure delight. Ursula had never felt that way again, had forgotten what uncomplicated pleasure—cake and friends and dancing and candy, candy, candy—could feel like.


Unyx felt it now. She cast any thought of nostalgia aside, let go of Jo, and embraced the air. "candy – candy – candy."


"Cumming," Jo groaned, knees buckling, dropping into a crouch among dozens of apple-blossomed amaryllis, their wide, white petals pinked, their fragrance head-spinning sweet. "Cumming, cumming, cumming." Her hair softened, thickened, its knots untangling. Licks of hair the color of antique brass fell into her face and onto her shoulders in luscious waves. The bruises on her arms and legs disappeared. "This is a yang bath?" she gasped, lolling through the flowers. "Oh, God, I feel so good." Her coppery dress cinched up, revealing a downy bush of golden curls and nether lips pouting and dewed, perfumed with floral fragrance and Jo's own earthy essence. "But it's so…so goofy." She giggled again, pushing blushing flowers into her face. "Calgon's taken me away and plans to fuck me senseless."



"this – yang – special." Unyx's blood rushed as Champagne. The scar on her cheek faded into nothing. The gray cobwebbing her second skin vanished into varnished lacquer-black. "good – goofy – sexy – senseless – guiltless." The blood music of nanogasm coruscated as nanomek replicated by the hundreds in her heart, then by the thousands throughout her chest, and tens of thousands across her limbs. Almost a hundred thousand nanogasms sparkled inside her, each one producing its own tiny burning wire of coiled, pre-orgasmic tension. Unyx had never felt this horny before in either of her lives.


Unyx purred and crossed her arms over her glossy black belly in a happy, randy self-hug. Two separate skins, Ursula's and Nyx's, coated her arms, but both relayed sensations to the same point of view, Ursula and Nyx intertwined by blood music, into Unyx. The ghost-touches of four arms snaked around her double-sensitive tummy in the most intimate cuddle Unyx could imagine. The feeling nearly blew her away. She focused on the sensation, tuning out all interference, and almost felt...the ghosts of six arms. Ursula's and Nyx's and Unyx's. Three pairs of arms, three fierce hugs, three reciprocated loves...three very horny girls. She rocked to and fro, squeezing her two (four, almost six) thighs in her two (four, almost six) hands. "this – yang – is – dee."


Jo hummed drunkenly into a bouquet of crocus flowers, then pushed herself up by the elbows, her eyes wide. She reminded Unyx of a befuddled kitten, ears pricked in curiosity. Jo glanced down at her chest, teased open the neck of her dress with a finger, and peeked inside. "I think I'm…I feel like I'm…growing?"


Unyx's laugh was rich. "definitely – dee." The mention of Dee's name gave Unyx a wicked little thought. She finger walked her two (four...six? More?) hands up her stomach, over her sternum, and cupped her breasts. Her second skin thinned to just a few molecules wide. All her nipples crinkled up. All? How many of me are there? She gently pinched them, her thumbs rolling over them in lazy circles. She lost herself in the influx of sensation. So many hands, so many fingers, so many burning wires of too, too sensitive flesh—she came, in one hard quicksilver throb of her pussy; an Ursula breast-orgasm. She whipped her head back and flumped onto her ass, flattening a petunia bush. The nanomek singing inside her went berserk, found her stomach, read the binding she had swallowed a few minutes before, and cranked Unyx's blood music volume up to Eleven. "uh – oh."





Dee broke his endless kiss, his mouth wet with tart honey, lips numb with the tang of lime. His senses swam in citrus-and-sex. His knees settled further into the mattress of flowers and woven wild growth. He gripped Eurydice's ankles, held them aloft. Eurydice, flat on her back, pushed on the green bed with her hands. Her pelvis rocked forward and rolled up Dee's thighs, welcoming the new angle his cock explored inside her. Her pussy was molten but her surface tension stayed firm, cooled with honeyed perspiration. Dee ran a hand up a leg as firm and clear as green glass, mouthed the sole of her foot, drinking drops of nectar. Dee arced his other hand beneath her, cupping and caressing. Her ass felt like globes of pliant glass dripping with velvet sweat.


Eurydice mewled—Nn! Nn!—punctuating each quiet cry with a punch of a fist against the bed. "Too good. Nn! Too much." She yanked on her hair. "Mad, I'm going mad!"


Dee tipped her chin up. Silvery motes of light scintillated her deep, darkling emerald eyes. "I love you, Eurydice," he told her, his rhythm into her slow but as strong as ever. "You know the safeword." The words came easy to him. "You can do anything you want. I'll do anything you want." His prick felt primed with precum, with the I-can-do-this-all-night sensation that usually only lasted a few minutes but now truly felt it would last forever. "Anything you want. For as long as you want."


Eurydice whickered in orgasm. "All ways! Always."


A shadow fell over her. Behind him, Tomoe whispered, "Oh, hey." Dee felt long fingers dance over his back, urgent, and eager. "Green Man."


Dee sat back, pulling Eurydice along. He stayed locked inside her, a hook perfectly fit into an eye. Tomoe sat on her knees behind him. She towered a good head above him, the tips of her raven hair tickling his ass, her mocha-colored nipples level with the nape of Dee's neck. She chewed her plush bottom lip. "Please, I just…" Her hands pressed flat but timorous against his back. "I want to hold you. To feel it for myself, just this one time." She tilted to look down at Eurydice, and implored. "Please."


Dee turned to Eurydice. "Anything you want," he told the breathless green girl, and smirked. "I'll do anything you want because I am so going to fuck your fucking brains out." Dee snarled, gathering Eurydice up in his arms, propping her into a sitting position on his lap, before dropping one hand to the green bed and slinging the other across the small of her back. He pushed up with his hand and haunches and his cock rammed straight upward into the very heart of her. "Now: What. Is. My. Fucking. Name!"


Tomoe fell against his back just as Eurydice, cumming and yowling, collapsed on top of him. Tomoe and Eurydice shrieked together, "Green Man!"



Update 03/18/07




Jo rolled onto her back, panting. High in a cloudless sky, the early-afternoon Sun reflected off the flowers and Jo's borrowed coppery dress, casting everything in the light of an overexposed film. The breezy air above the green bed was sultry and so laden with floral perfume Jo felt awash in the breath of Mother Nature herself. If Mother Nature was horn-dogging, that is, because the sumptuous, soupy warmth that stewed the air and lapped at her skin like some huge, invisible, feather-light tongue was feeling her up and eating her out.


["…Listen, Jo: Dee's focused his kuzbu…"]


A bass voice thundered—"What. Is. My. Fucking. Name!"—followed by exultant twin cries—"Green Man!"—and Jo suddenly knew that the ethereal, energetic presence urging her toward another orgasm was, somehow, male. Not Mother Nature, she thought, her eyes sliding shut, her lips parting, drawing in air as thick and spiced and intoxicating as hot mulled wine. The Green Man. She hitched her dress up above her hips, spread her legs and opened herself to the Sun.


["…but when we step into the crop circle, you'll feel it full-bore…"]


Jo saturated. She lost herself in the Sun's dazzling white-blue light, the overpowering aroma of blooming growth, and the firm pressure of satin petals on every side and inch of her skin. Flowers pressed whispery soft into her ears, stroked her hair, nestled in the hollow of her neck, buoyed up her arms, nudged her back and ribs. Her parted legs were swallowed up in thousands of delicate, cool petals. How are they all moving toward me, into me? Her eyes flickered open as the revelation struck her. The flowers aren't moving against my skin. My skin is moving against the flowers. I really am growing!


["… It's going to be a bit…"]


The dizzying torridity of the air pervaded her pussy, and Jo's last coherent thought before the strongest orgasm of her life lashed through her was, Oh shit oh fuck oh God I was right Calgon's taken me away and is fucking me sensele—




Her orgasm plateau'd and overflowed her pulsing sex, wracking her body in spasm of release and relief. Jo no longer thought, only felt. No longer observed, only experienced. Flower stems piled up between her fingers as her arms grew, pulped under her feet as her legs lengthened, her heels furrowing little troughs into the green bed. As her orgasm rushed-and-gushed, her muscles burned-and-rebuilt, over and over, as if a few years of volleyball workouts flew by in a few seconds.


As Jo came down from the timeless cumming, a terrible tenderness built up in her breasts. The coppery dress that felt so flowing and silky moments before had become confining and as scratchy as the shaggiest, wool knit sweater. Jo shot her hands under her dress, shielding her raw nipples against the ragged material with her palms. Skin met skin. The cooling sweat in her palms soothed her tender flesh even as it spread beneath her fingers, pushing against her hand in a bizarre, reverse game of cop-a-feel. My tits are trying to get to second base with my hands. The very idea filled her with giggles, but they died in her throat as the gradual pressure against her hands went on and on for a long, worrying while before subsiding.


She snuck a peek at her new peaks. She looked like someone had shoved two metal mixing bowls under her dress. The coppery material strained but managed to cover her new assets. The tension in the material only served to make her look bustier. Only served…wait a minute. "Oh, no!" She thrust her arms skyward, ignoring the new power and sinew rippling beneath her skin, watching only how her breasts bulged around her arms. "No, no, no!" She straightened her arms until they were perpendicular with her supine body, wincing as her tits squashed up her forearms.


An undulating shadow fell over Jo. "what?"


Jo squinted up at Unyx. The obsidian Goth girl stood in the Sun, her outline obscured by the harsh light. "My serve," Jo told her.


Unyx dipped her head to the left, bowed her body to the right in a single, serpentine movement. With the sun in her eyes, Jo could not make out details, but she saw something loop and swing behind the obsidian Goth girl. "your – what?"


"My volleyball serve," Jo whined. She pumped her right arm back and forth, making her right breast smack into the left. "I had the best underhand serve in the state. Now I've got…tits."


Unyx slithered closer and out of the sun. Her eye-mask shrank into black contacts. The tip of her tail oscillated high behind her head, a hypnotic metronome. "At least you've got…legs."


Update 03/19/07



Dee rocked up onto his knees, scooping Eurydice in his arms, molding her body against his. Her surface tension was cool, her breath hot and citrus-sweet. "I love you," she said, riding him, "I love you. Cum in me now." She feasted on his neck.


Tomoe knelt behind Dee and embraced him. Her sturdy arms stretched across his, followed their path up Eurydice's back. Tomoe's long fingers splayed over Dee's hands, their tips pressed into Eurydice's glistening gel-flesh. Tomoe moved closer still. Her thighs packed against his butt, her navel smooched the small of his back. Her ripe breasts mashed into his shoulders, swaddling his neck, even nudged Eurydice where she gnawed on Dee's collar bone. Green, jellied dreadlocks sprawled across Tomoe's chest. Dee was caught in a middle of a three-way clinch. "Cum in her, Green Man," Tomoe said, matching his momentum, twinning his rhythm into Eurydice. "I want to feel it."


Eurydice pulled away to look Dee in the eye. "Don't move," she whispered, "and let me fuck you." She hooked her legs under Dee's arms, locked her ankles around Tomoe's back. She tensed her legs, juddered upward, dragging her steaming sex up his shaft until the tip of his cock threatened to pop free. She pressed her forehead against Dee's, chewed her lip, whispering, "Let me fuck you." She squirmed back down, impaling herself with his dick. She gaped, gasping in little high pitched hiccups, grinding her clit against the root of his shaft before tensing, glissading back up. "Let me fuck you, let me make you cum." Dee groaned, but Eurydice covered his mouth in quick little kisses. "Shh." She kissed him. "Shh." She kissed him. "Cum in me now."


Tomoe reached down, cupped Eurydice's ass cheek in one hand, pawed at Dee's dick with the other. Eurydice slithered back down Dee's dick. Tomoe explored the gooey margin of Dee and Eurydice's merging. "I feel it," Tomoe said, fingers squishing. "So strong, both of you."


Eurydice shuddered back up him, coaxing a building, agony-sweet flow of precum from Dee's cock. Her lips scraped past his ear and kissed Tomoe's nipple into her mouth. Tomoe leaned over Dee's shoulders, her purring a deep rumble in her throat. Her hand swirled around Dee's nectar-coated shaft, her grip firm and sure, in counterpoint to Eurydice's slow, shivery humping.


The head of Dee's cock smarted with rising pressure. He faltered, bucking, but Tomoe pressed even closer behind him and kept his cock buried deep inside Eurydice. The green girl pulled free of Tomoe's breast. She grazed her lips in circles over Dee's mouth. "Let it happen," she begged, panting and fevered and still humping, humping, humping. "Cum in me. Fill me. Green Man, Dee…You've made me…" Dee twitched, pressure searing inside him. "…You made me so…" Dee went rigid. Eurydice sobbed, "…Happy…"


She slammed her mouth over his and he came.



Update 03/22/07




The sensuous, drenching quintessence above the green bed ebbed, evaporating into ordinary air. "Aw," said Jo, pouting and petulant, lounging among the flowers. Then she got a good look at Unyx. "Ack!"


The obsidian Goth girl hovered high above the flowers. Her pale, angular face, liquid black eyes and silver-touched cheeks reminded Jo of a porcelain Harlequin doll. The choker collar of her bodysuit glowed like hoop of polished, precious stone. The bodysuit flowed down over her budding breasts, up her arms, across her trim stomach. Its glimmering, fluid surface egged Jo to ogle and her eyes roved downward.


She found herself staring at the obsidian Goth girl's camel toe once again. Just below that plump cleft, the black second skin swathing her legs molded and merged into a single, sinuous trunk, winding over the green bed behind her, corkscrewing through the air and spiring to a kinked point. Unyx's opal carapace burnished in the Sun, iridescent with oil-slick rainbows. Her tail bobbed up, as proud as a tomcat's.


Jo propped herself up by the elbows, unexpectedly high above the flowers. "What the Hell happened to you?" Jo asked.


"I am myself at last," Unyx answered, beaming.


"Say what?"


Unyx wove up and up on her thick ophidian trunk—first six, then eight, maybe even ten feet into the air—arms crossed above her head, midriff swaying to some deep, inner beat. She spoke in dreamy recitation:




I am myself at last; now I achieve

My very self, I, with the wonder mellow,

Full of fine warmth, I issue forth in clear

And single me, perfected from my fellow.




Jo boggled up at her. "Holy shit."


"Hello, Jo," Unyx winked. "What do you know?" She extended her tail, tip crooked and aimed at Jo. "We are Unyx."


Jo crossed her eyes watching the playful tail bobble close. "This is you?"


"Don't really know till you put 'r there," Unyx said. Her tail mimed a slow, up-and-down handshake.


Jo shifted her weight, her inner ear confused by her new center of gravity for a moment or two before compensating, reached out and wrapped her fingers around the proffered tail. Once, in elementary school, she had been the only kid in her class brave enough to touch the python during a field trip to a petting zoo. Feeling the python's sleek strength beneath her palm had made eleven-year-old Jo's knees wobble and her tummy feel funny. Compared to Unyx, touching the python had been as exciting as holding an old garden hose. Twenty-one-year-old Jo knew the right body part to place the funny feeling in now.


"Mm," Unyx purred, her hands running down her thighs. "Good grip. You've done that before."


Jo marveled at the frictionless, pulsing power between her fingers. Jo followed the yards of looping tail and trunk to Unyx's sly smirk in the middle of the air. "You can feel this from all the way up there?"


"Of course, silly. What did you think the binding was for?" The obsidian Goth withdrew her tail. Its tapered tip grew soft and liquid. The opalescent candy coating peeled back from the tail. A petite, milky-white foot wriggled its cutesy toes against Jo's nose. "Now we are Unyx."


Update 03/23/07



Unyx descended, swaying in that same spellbinding, languid, tempo. "Well, now you know who we are." The black velvet flowed over her foot, zippered into a tail again, and rustled into the flowers. It threaded through the stalks, winding in a great circle about Jo's supine form. "But the important question is..." Unyx arched her serpent's trunk, skimming a few feet above the green bed, until she drew parallel to Jo. Her eyes were filled with ink and starry mischief. Her predatory smile, full lips parted and glossed in liquid black, floated inches above Jo's mouth. "Who do you think you are?" Her breath carried the scent of bittersweet cordial.


Jo tried to shrink down into the flowers. "Wha—" Unyx kissed her with lips softer than any eiderdown, the fluttery touch of her tongue electric. The metallic sheen of Jo's rumpled dress reflected in gold fractals across Unyx's second skin. She broke the kiss and drifted up, still within kissing distance. Jo whispered, "You taste like licorice."


Unyx nodded. Her tail completed its circuit around Jo, its tip lay like a lion by Jo's feet. "And you taste like a cupcake." Unyx tipped her head to the side. "Can you hear?"


Jo tried to focus on the syrupy commotion on the other side of the green bed. "I hear that Master guy, Dee. Sounds like he's in trouble."


"Not them," Unyx dismissed, tapping Jo's forehead with a gloved fingertip. "Her. Can you hear her?"


Jo concentrated. At first, she could only make out the beat of her own heart. But there it was. Blood music, the bass thunder and thud of a rave in a club across the street, but inside her head. Jo nodded.


Unyx's tail stirred, crept closer to Jo's foot. "What is she singing?"


Jo shook her head. "I don't think she is, or maybe I just can't make it out."


Unyx's willowy torso tilted back until she seemed to stand upright in the air, supported by a strong arc of her serpentine trunk. If Jo pumped her hips up, she would mash her naked mons against Unyx's, grind away at the triangular cleft of Unyx's exposed sex just above the point where her legs merged into a single pillar of living onyx. Jo felt her thighs tremble, realized how much she yearned to feel Unyx's frictionless pussy sliding over her own. And if her lips tasted so good and so soft, what would her—What's happening to me? "She's singing to me," Jo said, shivering. "She's singing inside me." She scissored her legs, blushed so hot she thought she might faint. "Oh, God, I want you inside me."


"What is she singing?" Unyx demanded. "We need to know. She's planning something terrible and we need to know what it is." She softened. Her tail caressed Jo's ankle. The power in that one touch made Jo whimper, her sex throb. "Once we know, we'll go anywhere you want."


"I don't know. It's not loud enough." Jo felt teary-eyed from the effort of straining for an inner voice that lingered beyond true perception. "I don't know."


"Well, then," Unyx said, her fingers flexing, extending into claws, "maybe she needs something to sing about."


Unyx's tail lashed around Jo's ankle. "Let the mad poets say whatever they please," Unyx said, her tail creeping up Jo's shin. "Of the sweets of Fairies, Peris, Goddesses." The coiling tail trapped Jo's calf in a silken, thrumming vice. Jo quaked with need.


"There is not such a treat among them all…" Unyx raised a thumb-claw to her own neck, just below her collar. "Haunters of cavern, lake, and waterfall…" The claw dipped into Unyx's smooth throat, the tail looped snug above Jo's knee. "As a real woman…" Unyx drew her thumb-claw down between her breasts and over her stomach, splitting her ebony second skin, revealing a long stripe of creamy white. Unyx's tail encircled Jo's thigh, forcing the tingling tension in Jo's sex to ratchet sky-high.


"Lineal indeed," Unyx said, airing her pale bellybutton. "From Pyrrha’s pebbles…" The rent in her second skin yawned, revealed the inner rise of ivory breasts and the elegant curves of a flawless, porcelain tummy. The strip-tease stopped a hairsbreadth before exposing her nipples or outer labia, her second skin refusing to part farther, as if too selfish to share. "Or old Adam's seed," Unyx finished, pressing the tip of her tail against Jo's inner thigh.


"Oh, fuck," Jo cried, thumping her head against the green bed, pulling her hair, "Tiamat's right. Shut your fucking mouth and fuck me already!"


"Adrasteia!" Unyx zoomed close until she and Jo were nose to nose. "We bound you once, bound you while you still held this girl in thrall. Tell us of what you sing."


Jo's vision swam red. Her blood sang in her ears. Her mouth filled with the flavors of baking cookies and hot, melting chocolate. She fell into the dance. "Frenzy," she said, and lurched up to suckle on Unyx's neck. "Frenzy." She wallowed wetly between Unyx's breasts. She heard Unyx's heartbeat race, felt the silken, python-grip on her leg loosen. Jo kissed and nibbled her way down Unyx's marble tummy. "Frenzy," she hissed, and buried her head between Unyx's thighs.


"oh." Unyx's eye-mask unfolded wide over her brow. "oh – that…" Jo reached up to squeeze and tweak Unyx's breasts while her tongue wriggled deep. "that's – a – ah – good – mm – song."



Update 03/25/07



Eurydice broke her slamming kiss, crooning in pleasure, relief, and a hint of triumph. She searched Dee's face as he spurted into her, his body seizing once, twice, thrice. He fell back, knocked off his feet. Tomoe had to hold him up, arms hooked under his shoulders, her grin canary-eating. Dee's cum spiraled and suffused Eurydice's core. Her eyes glazed, lips upended in a hazy smile. She slid off Dee's dwindling member—the movement made him shudder, his reaction triggering a gush of joy and nanogasm with her—and slipped down into a crouch, hugging his knees. Three helpless, drunken giggles escaped her: "Ah-hah, ah-hum, hm-mm."


"Wow," Dee gulped, breathless. "What happened?"


Eurydice could only hug and hum. Tomoe spoke up behind him. "You came, Dee. Ever done that before?" Dee turned his head, blinked up at Tomoe from between her honey-gold breasts. "No? Well, when a man and woman love each other very much…" Eurydice burst into a fizzy giggle fit at her words, falling onto her butt and drubbing the green bed with her feet.


"Very funny," Dee smiled as Tomoe lowered him to the ground. "I mean, I felt it would last forever." When he touched down onto the green bed, he added, "What's with all the flowers?"


"Dee," Eurydice wheezed, "what were you trying to do?"


Dee's voice floated up from a spray of mimosa. "To make you feel as good and as happy as you make me." Eurydice clucked and cooed and reached out for him, a particular part of him. Dee shied. "Careful, careful. Afterglow. Ah, anyway, I know you've always wanted to fuck me in public, and there we were, so I wanted to give you a damn good public fucking, I guess." He sounded very self-conscious and muttered, "Public fuckability."


Tomoe stood over the mimosa. "You went demiurgic."


The mimosas stirred as Dee glanced up and then further up, "And you went She-Hulk. Wait, 'demiurgic'? Is that supposed to mean something to me?"


"Not really. Look it up later on the Internet if you want. Let's just say you got lost in the moment there for a while, Dee. Put out some serious yang." Tomoe shrugged one muscular shoulder. "Not that any of us minded. But even you can't keep that kinda thing up forever, if you know what I mean."


"I feel like I've been hit by a truck," Dee admitted. The spice flowers rustled. "Man, this is comfortable. I think I'm falling asleep. I haven't slept in days, you know."


Eurydice sat up, scooted over, and looked down. Dee sprawled over the green bed, chest heaving and slick with sweat, face beet red, his flagging dick slick with her honey and the dregs of his orgasm. She leered. "What are you looking at?" Dee asked her, sounding suspicious but muzzy.


"You," she said. "It's been a lifetime since I've wiped you out like this." Her eyes roved, scooting closer. "I love it, it's so adorable." She dropped a firm hand on his thigh. "I wanna do it again."


"M'sleepy," Dee mumbled.


"Nuh-uh." Eurydice scooted close enough to press her thigh against his. "You put out, Dee. You totally blew my mind." Her sensitive gel picked up the little temblors in his overworked muscles. It felt deliciously sexy. "I've got more nanomek in me than I can ever remember. But that only makes me want even more." She wanted to lie atop him, feel his body tremble beneath her, inside her. "So now we're gunna go all the way."


"'All the way'?" CeeCee swaggered up, her rich flesh sinfully plump and lush, smelling of caramelized sugar and overindulgence. Her eyes scintillated with yellow sparks. "This is going to take extra innings."


"Yeah," said Raspberry, stepping out from behind her. Her lavender gel had darkened into a deep, imperial purple, the hue of raspberry wine. "Thanks for the quick pick-me-up, stud muffin, but it just made my cunt itch for the real deal." She loomed over Dee's prostrate form, reeking of boozy, raunchy sex. She drank in his nudity, his sleepy vulnerability. She gritted her teeth and growled, "I am gunna make you cum harder than you've ever felt in your life."


Dee snapped awake. "Um. What?"


"Uh-huh, sure." Eurydice flashed a mouthful of daggers at Raspberry. "Take your best shot, you little linzer torte. I'll top it. Winner eats out the loser."


"You're on, bitch," Raspberry hissed. "Step aside."


"Whoa, whoa!" Dee waggled his hands. "There's no way I can…" Tomoe made a psst noise. "What?" Tomoe pointed. Dee looked down. His dick crept slowly skyward. "Whoa."


"That's Mine." Eurydice straddled Dee's legs.


"Nope." Raspberry sat Dee's chest. Her ass nudged his chin. Her pussy drooled searing nectar down his sternum. "That's Ours."


"That's just typical," CeeCee said, glancing around. "What do I get to do?"


Raspberry and Eurydice, not looking up from Dee's lengthening prick, chorused, "Bed trick."


"That's my cue," Tomoe said, sitting in the lotus position, resting Dee's head in her lap.


"That'll work." CeeCee mimed cracking her knuckles. "Hang on, honey. It may not be bumpy, but you're in for one Hell of a ride. If you can take it."


"Well, Dee?" Eurydice wriggled her butt down his thighs and onto his knees, bent forward until her lips skated over the tip of his dick when she spoke, making him twitch and twist with every word. "Is…it…time?"


Please to bend down for the one called the Green Man

He wants to make you his bride

Please to bend down for the one called the Green Man

Forever to him you're tied.


And you know for a million years he has been your lover

He'll be a million more

And you know for a million years he has been your lover

Down through the skin to the core.


—XTC, Greenman




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