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Mr. and Mrs. Oblimo Are Scandalized to Present



A Ribald Farce in Six Lewd Acts

    Newly corrected and enlarged, as it has of late been oft times amended by the author, with invaluable support of contributors diverse and perverse, and dedicated with effusive thanks to ANONYMOUS.



Lycius from death awoke into amaze,

To see her still, and singing so sweet lays;

Then from amaze into delight he fell

To hear her whisper woman’s lore so well;

And every word she spake entic’d him on

To unperplex’d delight and pleasure known.


Let the mad poets say whate’er they please

Of the sweets of Fairies, Peris, Goddesses,

There is not such a treat among them all,

Haunters of cavern, lake, and waterfall,

As a real woman, lineal indeed

From Pyrrha’s pebbles or old Adam’s seed.


John Keats, LAMIA

Act One
Act Two
Act Three


Act Four
Act Five


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