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It's A Girl Thing

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It's A Girl Thing

Cutting Room FloorIt's Always Time Book OneBook TwoThe Menagerie


This scene was to take place in Chapter 5 between Dee and Fée Galatea while they were in the car together at the rest stop. It was too weird, even for me, so it did not make it into the story. - Oblimo



Fée Galatea frowned in concentration for a moment. A penetrating heat flowered around Dee’s cock. "Oh, yeah," she said. The very air grew sultry as the blooming fever within her belly radiated into the close cabin of the car. She bent over double, pulling Dee’s shirttails to her chest, and Dee baked in a sudden burst of heat. "Now we’re talkin'."


Two new pairs of wings unfolded out of her back, dewy and shapeless as a true dragonfly’s after molting. The cabin suffused with the unmistakable smell of her innermost nectar. Her shoulders softened and wept nectar before a second pair of arms sprouted like the fresh, sap-coated shoots of a vine. The liquid of the emergent wings and arms ran together and thickened and a second fairy formed from pure, runny honey spilled over into Dee’s lap. The car cabin became a citrus-and-sex sauna.


Dee gaped in awe. "My God."


"That’s right," Fée Galatea said as the new fairy sloshed about his lap, trying to maintain a constant surface tension. "You’ve never really seen me fully divide before. What do you think?"


"It’s beautiful," Dee breathed. "Something out a myth." ["…That’s how Atlantis sank, don’t you know…"]


The new fairy churned and twisted the instant he spoke. "Dee," she burbled. "I can hear Dee." A wobbling hand streaked burning nectar over Dee’s exposed stomach. "I can feel Dee." Her head rippled forward and her indistinct mouth wallowed over his flesh. "I, I can taste—"


"Yeah, yeah," Fee Galatea said. "Get over yourself and get over here."


The new fairy glared at her. "You don't understand. You may remember but right now you don't understand. It's just me." She turned back to marvel at him. "Just me and Dee."


"Just like dozens of times before," Fée Galatea, "now do you want to worship him or fuck his brains out?"


The new fairy whispered, "There's a difference?"


Dee shook his head. "Don't say that," he begged. "Please, don’t even think that. I'm not, I mean, I haven't done anything to earn you, to be worth anything like this."


A rind of surface tension spread across the new fairy, bringing definition and strength with it. "That's for me to decide, isn’t it?" she asked him. "Each time I'm born anew I get to choose anew. And again I choose you."


"You mean each time you divide you're—" Dee could not bring himself to say born "—you're made again?"


"Born anew," said the new fairy, "yes." She developed enough surface tension to sit up on his knee. "And each time I reassimilate, I re-remember. I've just chosen you and fallen in love with you at first sight, like I've done countless times before." She reached out to wrap her arms around Fée Galatea's shoulders, pressing down. "And I never, ever want stop."


Another newborn fairy puddled into Dee's lap. "Dee," she sighed, "I'm with Dee. Dee? I want to hear your voice. Speak to me, Dee, please"


The steering column shuddered under Dee's slipping grip. "Stop it. I can't handle it. I'll lose my mind."


The newborn fairy in his lap purred and nestled into him as a fourth, watery voice bubbled up from the foot well. "Dee? I can hear Dee! Dee, it's me!"


"You know the safe word, Dee," Fée Galatea said, easing off his dick.


Dee shut his eyes. "This is what you want?" he asked her.


"To fall in love, again and again," Fée Galatea said, another set of wings and arms emerging from her fecund nectar. "To make love, again and again. Yes, Dee, this is exactly what I want." She settled back down over him. "It's a girl thing."


"Then I want to give it to you," Dee said.



Cutting Room FloorIt's Always Time Book OneBook TwoThe Menagerie

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