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• All links on this page are to independent websites.

• The creator of Oblimo's Story Wiki claims no responsibility or control over their content.

• All sites marked with "18+" contain graphical and textual adult content

• Such links are not intended to be utilized by people under the age of 18.





(updated 8/05/2018)



2018 Links


After a decade, there's new stuff to talk about!


  • Harem Lit: In the years since I wrote IAT, harem adventure has grown from an anime trope to a budding fiction genre. The Harem Lit Facebook group is a nexus for heroes with, shall we say, lots of room in their hearts.


  • Touch Fluffy Tail (18+): Monstergirl Repository. A large, active community of artists and writers. Many of the works are inspired by Kenkou Cross's Monster Girl Encyclopedia, which has come to dominate the scene.


  • Monster Musume: If you know about this site but don't already know about about Okayado's Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga and anime, boy are you in for a fun surprise.


  • Webnovel (Qidian), WuxiaWorld: If you are looking for translations of classic and currently running Japanese, Korean, or Chinese web novels, you can't go wrong between these two websites. I personally find light novels light on substance -- but that's kind of the point, isn't it?




Without these sites, It's Always Time would have never existed.


  • The Menagerie (18+): My original host and inspiration for writing. I haven't heard from Doc Menagerie in a long time. Please email him and tell him what you think of his site! Maybe that might bring him back.
  • 4chan (18+): The infamous image board.


  • pbWiki: Peanut Butter Wiki, hosts of free, easily edited, password protected wiki websites! Check out the pbWiki Fanclub to see how far you can take a free pbwiki.


  • Sex-Lexis - A dictionary for the Raspberry within us all. The secret to an extensive (or, in this case, strong) vocabulary is a willingness to frequently consult lexicons. The Dictionary of Difficult Words is another fun reference.



Where Does He Get This Stuff?


I get ideas from sites like these.


  • Diana the Valkyrie (18+): Pay site with many free features dedicated to the appreciation of female aggression, including links and a large story archive. Mostly focused on violence, which is not to my tastes, Diana's site is one of the longest-running fetish portals on the web; many fetishists began their journey here.


  • Eka's Portal (18+): One of the most active fetish communities, Eka's Portal is devoted to "vore." Almost anything goes at Eka's Portal, as long as something winds up devouring somebody.


  • The Food Timeline: An innocent website dedicated to the history of human comestibles put to twisted use by yours truly. Its articles on candy and honey are of particular interest.



  • Giantess City Forum (18+): Where an attack of a fifty foot woman is considered small potatoes.



  • Monster Girl (18+): A huge collection of drawings of, you guessed it, monsterous girls. The site is mostly Japanese and hosted in Japan. Many of the images here are not for the faint of heart!


  • The Overflowing Bra (18+): Stories, wikis, and fora for aficionados of big breasts that, well, keep getting bigger.



Contributing Artists


  • AntiVenom801: Is working toward his BFA and wants to be glomped by goo girls in showers.


  • Ebony Piranha: a/k/a Pythian Habenero, IAT's most prolific and enthusiastic fan artist.


  • Kenshin the Wanderer: Kenshin's favorite flavors are blueberry and vanilla. (18+ material requires registration.)


  • Liquidmark: Has a naughty imagination when it comes to green girls and pretty much everything else. (18+ material requires registration.) He also has a Fur Affinity Gallery for his music and more explicit works (18+!).


  • Mad Adric: Has a self-admitted thing for green girls and 50s era scifi. As part of an art-exchange, I am going to write a short story about this green girl, one of his very favorites. (18+ material requires registration.)


  • Mr. Monday: Draws, inks, paints, writes, and even flash animates. I've got some custom fic queued up for him. (18+ material requires registration.)


  • Ohida: Ohida drew Tomoe/SB fan art. This makes him the coolest person on the Internet, if not the world. Yes, there can be more than one of those.


  • Shyft: Shyft loves to draw girls with curves, wings, curves, tails, curves, corsets, and, hmm...curves?





  • I Surround You (18+): A fellow author of googirl fiction has braved the wilds of the Internet. Please reward him with feedback and support!


  • Succubus Ranch (18+): MJM's been writing erotic stories of supernatural succubii for years, and now the maniac has got his own pbwiki.




  • Min-Giantess/Slow-Growth Wiki (18+): A collaboration for writers and collectors of stories about giantesses of moderate stature and/or gradual ascendancy. I set it up and others have run with it.



  • Literotica.com (18+): Huge, active community of readers and writers of erotica, including tales from the many realms of the weird.


  • Weird and Sexy (18+): Portal to many fetish sites about weird women in weirder situations, from A(mazon) to W(erewolf).

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