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Little Nikki

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Cutting Room FloorIt's Always Time Book OneBook TwoThe Menagerie

Original Scene between Bee and Black Cherry


A slender, cherry-red foot slid toward the floor beneath the refrigerator door but hesitated an inch above the linoleum tile. Toes wriggled and the foot plumped out into a platform Mary Jane clog. Another clog joined the first and Bee's creation pussyfooted into view.


"What am I?" she murmured, her voice breathy and bashful.


Bee ogled. Perfect. Other than the thick clogs elevating her to average height, the scarlet girl wore only the come-and-get-it grin of a baby-faced coquette. Perfect. The bangs of her pageboy haircut fell in occluded angles as she inclined her head to look up at him through lush lashes and thick eyebrows. Perfect. She noticed where he was staring and draped an arm over her pert, full breasts in a seemingly shy gesture that gave her the opportunity to tweak her nipples erect and left nothing to the imagination. He glanced down and she covered her cleft with her other hand, taking care to press her middle and ring fingers deep into her sex so the folds of her labia peeked around them. "Perfect," Bee said aloud.


"I am perfection," the scarlet girl said, sounding satisfied with his answer, and unfolded her wings.


Bee took a step back. Her webbed wingspan filled the width of the kitchen with the colors of black shadow and crimson flame. She's cherry, he thought, and you made her. That makes her yours, so start acting like a man. "I am your master," he told her.


Her smile widened. "I have a master."


She's got to know I'm in charge here. "You will serve me," Bee said, "You live to please me, whether you like it or not."


"I will serve my master," she said, stepping closer. "I will serve him and please him, like it or not."


"You will do anything, any sick, twisted, perverted thing, I want," Bee said, "and I want to do everything."


"I want to do every sick, twisted, and perverted thing with my master," she said, tiptoeing up to the kitchen table and encircling Bee with batwings. She tilted her head again and a second pair of wings, tiny twins of the first, fanned out from either side of her head.


That didn't sound right. And what's with the wings? That's the sort of stupid shit Dee's into. "I'm not Dee!" Bee shouted. This is all going wrong. I'm too tired and hurt to think straight. He massaged his temples with his good hand. Not realizing he was speaking aloud, he said, "All of this is your damn fault, Dee. Well, screw you. Fuck you. I beat you."


"Screw Dee. Fuck Dee. Beat Dee." the scarlet girl agreed resting a sympathetic arm on Bee's left shoulder.


Bee gazed into the obsidian, abyssal black of the scarlet girl's eyes. "I'm your master," he pled as she reached out with her other hand to caress his cheek. "I'm your only master."


She leaned in close to kiss him. Warm wings enfolded him in a crushing, full-body embrace from head to toe. When she broke the kiss, Bee said, "You taste likeā€¦like a cupcake."


She pressed her forehead against his, nodding. "I have a master. I have only one master." She picked something off the table and pushed it into Bee's hand. Bee looked down. It was an open Jell-O box, its coloring different from the rest. Frowning, he turned it over.


Jell-O Instant Pudding: Devil's Food.


"And his name is Dee," Black Cherry said, broke Bee's neck, and tore off his head.



Cutting Room FloorIt's Always Time Book OneBook TwoThe Menagerie

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