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This is a transcript of the Google Talk conversation between my wife and I that kick-started the Galatea/Ursula scene currently being developed. I think it proves once and for all which one of us is the freakiest. The grammar has been edited to protect the innocent.



Oblimo: Here's the question -- should Galatea show up as a guy or a girl?


Mrs. Oblimo: When they meet?


Oblimo: Right. When Ursula turns and finds herself nose-to-crotch.


Mrs. Oblimo: I think she should be a girl.


Oblimo: Cool. Now comes the REALLY hard question: What should she be wearing?


Mrs. Oblimo: An outfit like the wicked queen in Snow White.


Oblimo: I was thinkin' anime but yeah something like that…There's a problem with the Snow White outfit: there's no crotch. dis5978.jpg. Maybe this? redcorsetcross.jpg.


Mrs. Oblimo: Too much skin.


Oblimo: What's wrong with skin?


Mrs. Oblimo: It's very youthful. The wicked queen is scarier.


Oblimo: She's supposed to be sexxay.


Mrs. Oblimo: She's supposed to be bestial, battish, which differentiates her from Black Cherry, who is a tease.


Oblimo: She needs to appear very physically different than Black Cherry.


Mrs. Oblimo: More wolf like in appearance. "I yam a bearded lady." She is a 'creature of the night' as they sing in rocky horror: touch me touch me touch me, i want to be dirrtttyy, thrill me thrill me thrill me, creature of the night.


Oblimo: I gotta figure out what kind of clothes she's wearing.


Mrs. Oblimo: Something that suggests hair ala Tim Curry.


Oblimo: Can clothes do that? You can put his hair on top of a babydoll nightgown…I'm thinking a buckled leather corset.


Mrs. Oblimo: "I'm just a sweet transvestite…"


Oblimo: What do you think of her being nose-to-corset-buckle?


Mrs. Oblimo: I think the corset works if there is some way to darken the arms.


Oblimo: Arms covered, then?


Mrs. Oblimo: All that bare flesh makes her a bit too silly. She could come out of a cape and expose herself ala Tim Curry. But his arms are hairy so the visual is somewhat different, but Curry is sexy in that outfit because he's got a dick.


Oblimo: Waaaait a minute: corset belt: designer-corset-belt.html. Should it be studded? Is that too much?


Mrs. Oblimo: No you need studs. Need something S&M, belts, studs, buckles; all about the horise!


Oblimo: Who's Horace? ;)


Mrs. Oblimo: All about the horsie!


Oblimo: saksstudcorset.jpg. I've insert a bit where Ursula cinches her dressing gown. So Galatea one ups her with a freakin' corset belt.


Mrs. Oblimo: Clothes do not make the lesbo.


Oblimo: Huh?


Mrs. Oblimo: This isn't a game of 'my goth clothes are cooler than your goth clothes.' That would not turn on a goth.


Oblimo: True but I need to describe the outfit. It wouldn't be porntastic otherwise.


Mrs. Oblimo: She is covered in sharp things, buckle teeth, studs and zippers. She is an artificial vampire.


Oblimo: What happened to the Maleficient gown?


Mrs. Oblimo: I thought you wanted to go corset.


Oblimo: Corset belt around the waist of a gown or dress or something like that… Or corset belt, leather skirt, biker jacket?


Mrs. Oblimo: Either she is medieval looking and scary or techno and scary. Can't do both. She's an ancient evil or a modern creation


Oblimo: Corset belts were accessories of Elizabethan gowns, though.


Mrs. Oblimo: Yes but they are technological, not bestial. Snow white wicked queen wears no metal… I'm thinking you're seeing stuff you want me to dress up in hee hee.


Oblimo: Keep yer mind on the job.


Mrs. Oblimo: To mess up Ursula's head, it would be best to be something she cannot understand entirely. Ursula will want a girl to look like a girl. What will scare Ursula is an older woman making her feel like she is the girl or a man making her feel that way. Basically, Ursula doesn't want to be the girl.


Oblimo: Got it! wrapskirt.jpg.


Mrs. Oblimo: That's not bad. It's a bit more mature, which will scare Ursula.


Oblimo: And a choke collar, that's important. But does anything need to be studded?


Mrs. Oblimo: The point is that there is nothing vulnerable looking. The goal is cover, armor.


Oblimo: Galatea's gotta flash a leg as she bends her knee, though.


Mrs. Oblimo: Warrior queen, not a girl in underwear. Ursula just gets turned on by girl in underwear. No matter how many studs on it.


Oblimo: Okay. Thanks! Now stop typing for 5 minutes and let me write the darn thing.


Mrs. Oblimo: Phhhtttt.




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