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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

Old Updates

09/28/06 - Story update! Looks like I lied about ending the chapter, but the 4th to last sex scene is finished. So there.

09/24/06 - Story update! The update after this one will finish off Chapter Nine.

09/21/06 - Story update! This chapter's end is nigh.

09/20/06 - Edited Chapter One. Holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me about all those typos?

09/19/06 - Story update! I hope you like it hot, folks.

09/17/06 - Added a short preview of the shower scene to the Scrap Book since I didn't get enough of my notes reworked for a full update. Still: Pluvia scaenae!

09/16/06 - Story update! I'm still rewriting; I expect to post more tomorrow night.

09/14/06 - Added a meebo IM widget to the SideBar. If you want to send me an private instant message, wanting to know what's taking so darn long with the latest updates for example, just meebo me!

09/12/06 - Started a page of lists. Warning: contains vague spoilers.

09/10/06 - Structural and stylistical editing of Chapter Eight (no new substance yet).

09/08/06 - Story update!

09/05/06 - Story update. Shorter but hotter.

09/02/06 - Split Chapter Six of Book Three into two smaller chapters with a bunch of structural editing (no new substance yet).

08/31/06 - Story update, finally! Short but hot.

08/23/06 - Story update! (First section of Chapter Eight!)

08/21/06 - Posted the second draft of Chapter Six; no major changes, just lots of typos and a few continuity fixes. The convention is finally over, so I hope to post a real update by Thursday!

08/16/06 - Added a quick preview of Chapter 8 to the Scrap book.

08/15/06 - FYI: Maradon's updated his story, and the maniac has set up a message board for discussing goo-girl fiction.

08/13/06 - Looks like Tag-World finished updating their servers. Fixed the font/background color problem in the ShoutBox

08/10/06 - Story update, concluding Chapter Seven. Warning: there may not be an update next week; I've got one last convention to support before my promotion.

08/05/06 - It's alive! Story update! Another 1400 words brings the story's (first) lesbian scene past the 11K mark, meaning it gets its own chapter and song verse. Any suggestions for a good lyric?

08/02/06 - Moving to a new apartment! Spotty Internet connection! Will post update later this week!

7/31/06 - Maradon has taken the plunge and started his own goo girl story site! Please provide him with feedback and encouragement, and write your own stuff too! Send me an email and I'll be delighted to host your story or post a link.

7/29/06 - Story update! 1,700 words to celebrate 10K unique daily hits!

7/28/06 - Story update! (Here endeth Lesson Four.)

7/27/06 - Since "real" work is slowing down my writing this week, I've set up a Scrap Book of the update I'm working on. I hope to have a real update ready Friday night.

7/25/06 - The real world intrudes; the next update may be delayed until this Thursday or Friday.

7/22/06 - Story update!

7/20/06 - A quick update to prove I'm still alive and typing. This one needed a little ret-con.

7/17/06 - Added a blog! (Sad, isn't it?)

7/15/06 - Story update! (Lesson three is done, lesson four has just begun.)

7/12/06 - Story update!

7/10/06 - Added Bad Witch, a preliminary dialogue scene, to the Cutting Room Floor.

7/08/06 - Changed "Jellojitsu" to "Goojitsu." Thanks, Jako! Your pun-fu is mightier than mine!

7/08/06 - Added a popup Chat Room!

7/07/06 - Story update!

7/06/06 - Update to the Cutting Room Floor wherein I have intercourse with my wife!

7/05/06 - Story update. (Quicky but kinky.)

7/03/06 - Opened the Gallery! With new art of Black Cherry! (Wow, and I mean wow. I am looking for more art; I'll trade customized erotica for it!)

7/02/06 - Story update!

6/29/06 - My family is moving to a new house, so updates may be delayed until Monday the 3rd.

6/27/06 - Story update. (An appetizer-sized portion of Chapter Seven.)

6/24/06 - Story update! (Finishing Chapter Six! So much for plot, time to get back to the sex!)

6/24/06 - Added Galatea art to home page! (Hit refresh to see.) Original image.

6/21/06 - Story update. (Almost...there.)

6/20/06 - Quick story update to prove I'm still alive. Hope to finish Chapter 6 tonight or tomorrow.

6/18/06 - Added a links page.

6/17/06 - Story update. (Still no sex. Thanks to Jason for the nickname "Cherry Cupcake!")

6/15/06 - Story update. (No sex, just plot.)

6/12/06 - Story update (finishing Black Cherry's (first?) big scene).

6/10/06 - Submitted the first section of the story to Literotica to see what the literoti think of it.

6/09/06 - Story update!

6/05/06 - I am working 15 hours days at a business convention until the 7th, so updates may be delayed until Friday the 9th.

6/04/06 - Story update. (60,008 words!)

6/03/06 - Copy of Book One formatted for offline viewing available for download!

6/03/06 - New disclaimer on the home page thanks to Liquid Mark!

6/01/06 - Story update. (A quickie. But dirty!)

5/30/06 - Preview of a future scene added to the Cutting Room Floor. (Spoilers!)

5/29/06 - Story update ("Bring it.")

5/28/06 - Fixed update links. Added a minor revision to the latest update to show what's going on inside Yves' head.

5/28/06 - Story update. This first section of the big scene of Chapter Six is pretty experimental. Let me know if it works!

5/26/06 - Addendum: I just noticed the embarrassment of adverbs in End Times. Must edit after I get through the next section of It's Always Time!

5/26/06 - Created a vault for old stories. Added End Times, a story I wrote years ago. Be gentle.

5/26/06 - Added ShoutBox to SideBar.

5/26/06 - Next section is proving to be tricky. I expect to post it to the story or the cutting room floor tomorrow evening. (Sorry!)

5/24/06 - Created Home Page. Formatted Book One. Created toggle for CheatSheet (i.e., wasted hours on html instead of writing porn).

5/23/06 - Added goofy cheat sheet to the SideBar (I'm amazed it works).

5/22/06 - Story update (...and I thought this stuff couldn't get any weirder).

5/21/06 - Story update (teaser ending, but the fun has begun).

5/20/06 - Story update (subtle cliffhanger; the real fun is just about to start).

5/19/06 - Added the completed scene to Yves Explains It All. I don't want to post it to the main page because this section doesn't move the story forward (yet) and I'm working on somethin' big.

5/18/06 - Added a dialogue between Dee and Yves to the Cutting Room Floor (revised).

5/18/06 - Fixed a continuity error in Chapter Five. My thanks to Gavin for pointing it out!

5/17/06 - Story Update: Book Three!

5/17/06 - Using iframe to keep an update log (oooh, fancy).

5/16/06 - Placed rough draft of the introduction to Book Three on the Cutting Room Floor.

5/15/06 - Revised the Interlude of Book Two (original draft now on the Cutting Room Floor).

5/14/05 - Story update (concluding Book Two).

5/13/06 - Story update (completing Chapter Five).

5/11/06 - Story update.

5/10/06 - Story updates.

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