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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 11 months ago

08/31/08 - Remember when I said Nymphonomicon was coming in the Fall of 2008? I was dead serious: Nymphonomicon teaser update.

08/03/08 - Final web comic update! Now to get my house in order so I can start posting stories again.

07/27/08 - A web comic update with the hints of a plot, ladies and gentlemen!

07/20/08 - A very special 10th episode web comic update! More Raz than you can shake a stick at.

07/16/08 - Two Become One Chapter 3 update! The author's name is Grotto, and if you want more please leave comments on the story page!

07/14/08 - A popular new shapeshifting sex-fic has been making its way around /d/ (the forum where all this started), and I'm hosting it here: Two Become One.

07/13/08 - An all Raspberry web comic update!

07/05/08 - An especially gooey web comic update!

06/29/08 - An absurdly ahead-of-schedule web comic update! It's almost as if we're doing weekly updates...

06/22/08 - An even more ahead-of-schedule web comic update!

06/15/08 - An ahead-of-schedule web comic update!

06/07/08 - Another on schedule web comic update!

05/25/08 - Web comic update! You'd almost think that the promised summer Novilunium series is up and running!

05/04/08 - Added AdamZ's wiki to the links page. Good luck, Adam! Also, since I have not been able to use meebo at work, I've put a twitter box in the SideBar to prove to y'all I still live (and care).

05/03/08 - New web comic! Official launch of Nymphonomicon.

02/17/08 - In case you didn't catch it: here's the Coda, the "secret" alternate ending to IAT, written back in August. Good news: I've worked out the plot of the sequel.

02/16/08 - Ohida's U & Nyx portrait and Mad Adric's SB (and don't forget SB's banana) added to the Gallery!

02/04/08 - Ursula's ass makes its graphical debut in a 3 page Novilunium guest comic by Shyft9!

01/22/08 - Black Cherry pin-up and Eurydice and Unyx added to the Gallery!

01/20/08 - New Mad Adric art! Here's a temporary link to Eurydice and Unyx, until I can move them into the gallery proper.

01/15/08 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! What the heck have I been up to? Prepping IAT for submission to publishers! Rejection notices, here I come! Wanna halp?

12/08/07 - (2) Final IAT chapter posted to Literotica, please vote it up so we can make more innocent freaks into goofiends. Literotica IAT index: click here.

12/08/07 - (1) Promoted w/huge raise! Interviewing for a toadies to delegate work to so I can write more porn!

10/29/31 - I haven't gone anywhere! The company I work for is spending four beeellion dollarz buying another company this month, and suddenly my non-porn talents are in demand.

10/04/07 - Act Six is now available in hmtl format for easy offline viewing. That means editing is done and I can write new stuff again. Woohoo!

09/27/07 - Give the gift of goo by voting for IAT Act 5 on Literotica! (Vote on page 3.)

09/23/07 - Man, this "editing" stuff sucks. Still at it.

09/21/07 - Anyone recognize the artist's mark on this unknown strawberry? If so, please email me. Thanks!

09/20/07 - I'm editing, slowly but surely. Hope to have a downloadable second draft Act 6 by Sunday.

09/17/07 - New Mad Adric art! This one's going on the book cover, folks.

09/16/07 - (2) Nymphaeum update! Looks like it's going somewhere now; I think I've established character and backstory. Let me know!

09/16/07 - (1) Wanna know what Galatea & Dee do when they get home? I bet it looks a little like this. (Also, welcome home, "Grumpy!")

09/13/07 - New art of Raz by Mad Adric posted in the Gallery! I'm working on Nymphaeum and editing Act 06. More on Sunday!

09/11/07 - Chosis made some delicious ice cream (gooniverse fiction). You must eat it.

09/09/07 - Those lovable pogs are back! IAT Act 5 is now available in a single file for offline reading: download the Act 5 pog today!

09/09/07 - Second draft of Act 5 complete and posted. Now to revise the Interlude, and then I'll crank out the Act 5 pog. Oh, and meebo should be working again.

09/08/07 - Looks like meebo's wonking out and repeating messages instead of sending them to me. Sorry!

09/06/07 - Proposed new schedule! I'll update the story wiki on Sundays, make announcements on Thursdays, and get back to blogging. Please add or email me if you'd like something different.

09/03/2007 - Second draft of IAT Act 5, Chapter 1 posted. I'm working out a regular schedule of site updates and events. But first: road-trip! (Ug.)

09/02/2007 - Tons o' new fan art in the Gallery! Mad Adric's Eurydice a-k-a Party; Ohida's Tomoe & SB; and Pythian Habenero is so prolific she gets her own gallery. Raz fans will be sure to go ga-ga over her Raz photo-manip.

08/30/07 - In other news: the tag-world server is still dead; I'm giving them 24 hours before I switch to another shoutboard. This weekend will be spent with family and the editing of Act 5.

08/27/07 - IAT Unyx addition! 1000 words of last licks, Unyx style. She deserves it.

08/26/07 - (3) Hm, I think Unyx deserves an onscreen appearance in the Epilogue, don't you? I'll sleep on it and put together a proper send-off.

08/26/07 - (2) Thanks to everyone who sent me kind (and strange) words this weekend! And thanks to those mentioning IAT's completion on 4chan's /d/, but there seems to be a Janitor deleting them. So I'm buying a little ad-space to help the place where this all started. Still, I'm touched and honored (and my inner attention whore is hot and bothered).

08/26/07 - (1) IAT novel epilogue! Love, luck, and lollipops. ~Oblimo

08/25/07 - End of the chapter, end of the story, only the epilogue remains: IAT story update. Thank you, everyone (especially you; you know who you are). It's been one Hell of a ride.

08/24/07 - Three more updates, and it's all over: third-to-last IAT story update!

08/23/07 - We're there: IAT story update.

08/21/07 - Almost…there: IAT story update!

08/19/07 - We've reached the very heart of It's Always Time: IAT story update.

08/18/07 - On the road (again) IAT story update!

08/16/17 - IAT story update! I'm taking the road trip again tomorrow, so I don't expect to update again til sometime Sunday.

08/15/07 - Dee's confrontation with Black Cherry: IAT story update.

08/14/07 - IAT story update! It's on.

08/12/07 - IAT story update! This is Dee's (and the story's) darkest hour.

08/11/07 - (2) IAT story update! Another major story milestone. Nothing but resolution left, now.

08/11/07 - (1) It's been fifteen months since we (or Dee) saw Galatea. The wait's over: IAT story update.

08/09/07 - Today's update plus yesterday's sneaky update equals one happy Oblimo.

08/07/07 - Quick IAT story update to maintain momentum and Star Wars references.

08/04/07 - IAT story update, officially kicking off Act 6, Ch. 4, and the resolution of all things IAT.

08/02/07 - IAT story update! End of Act 6, Ch. 3! One chapter left! Used up my quota of exclamation marks!

08/01/07 - IAT story update! High melodrama; it's serious business.

07/30/07 - On a business trip until Wednesday; trying to sneak in some porn writing in between meetings.

07/28/07 - IAT story update!

07/27/07 - IAT story updates! Two updates for the price of one since I forgot to announce yesterday's. XD

07/24/07 - IAT story update! And many thanks to Pythian Habenero for typesetting the Epilogue Preview.

07/21/07 - IAT story update! Sorry I'm late, but I wanted to post the complete dream sequence. It's still experimental; let me know if it works!

07/19/07 - Lots of wiki maintenance, such as the new banner and new cover page. I hope to update tomorrow night.

07/17/07 - Quick (& funny) IAT story update! (Kelvin, your cameo has arrived. Happy belated birthday!)

07/15/07 - IAT story update! I'm changing the name of this chapter, too. I got my reasons.

07/14/07 - Ladies and gentlemen, at approximately 19:30 GMT, the very first Tomoe and SB fan art was posted on the Innernet, by one Ohida. Let's hope SB doesn't favorite his ass off too much for it.

07/13/07 - O_O Check out Mad Adric's latest pin-up of Galatea in his DeviantArt Gallery. Like, now. Anyone with a DA account, please favorite that man's ass off.

07/12/07 - (2) IAT story update! It's more of a teaser than a full update, but I want to keep momentum now that we're so close to the end.

07/12/07 - (1) If you love Ursula, let her know! Please vote for her and Nyx's big scene, now posted to Literotica, so we can recruit more goofiends. I hope to update the story tonight.

07/10/07 - (3) Well, that lasted long. I'll use the 3rd-person version for the update, and keep the 2nd-person version in the Scrap Book. So far, no one's noticed that I hid a switch to present tense behind the 2nd-person swap.

07/10/07 - (2) IAT story update, kicking off Act 06, Ch. 03! I am trying something I swore I'd never do, and I really want to know if you think it works, because if you don't, I want to change it. I give you: the dreaded 2nd person narrative voice!

07/10/07 - (1) We worked our butts off completing IAT comic Episode 3, and it shows. Please click on the cover below or visit Ep. 3's home on Novilunium. And let us know what you think! (Oh, and a quick sneak preview of Act06 Ch. 03 is up. More very soon.)

07/08/07 - No new material yet, but Act 5 got too long, so I split it in half to create the "new" Act 6. Good news is, Eddie gets his own Interlude.

07/07/07 - Announcing Novilunium, the once and future home of the IAT web comic. Go there now and check out the Episode 3 preview. Just 3 panels in, and damn, it's hot.

07/05/07 - Back without any popular demand: IAT pogs! Act Four is now available in one big, happy html file for offline viewing.

07/04/07 - (2) IAT story update! End of Chapter 6! Two more chapters, two more sex scenes, and the story is done. Thank you Gawd!

07/04/07 - (1) I futz with Photoshop fonts and make a widescreen IAT desktop wallpaper. Now back to writing.

07/03/07 - Preview of the next IAT update posted to the Scrap Book. I expect a full update tomorrow night, finishing off the chapter if I'm lucky.

07/01/07 - (2) Two new, sweet megascribbles of Unyx by Pythian Habenero posted to the Gallery!

07/01/07 - (1) IAT story update! (Second half of yesterday's update.)

06/30/07 - (2) To prove I'm back to writing, here's a quicky IAT update! More soon.

06/30/07 - (1) Holy crap, that took a lot longer than I thought; I'm back to writing now, though. But I has a nekkid preview panel of the next comic (HUEG preview).

06/26/07 - Need to reimage and rebuild my hard drive. No data lost, and I hope to update the site tomorrow. Please enjoy Adric's rendition of Feé's boobs in the interim.

06/23/07 - IAT story update!

06/21/07 - The good news is, I got a nice raise for working my butt off. The bad news is, I was too busy working my butt off to write porn for today. I hope to update tomorrow.

06/18/07 - ZOMG web comic! Adric and I are really proud of it, typos and all. Please check it out and comment above! (For "HUEG" in Internet Explorer, click here.) And there's an IAT preview of what's coming up next in the Scrap Book.

06/17/07 - New megascribbles from Pythian Habenero. I dunno if Mrs. Oblimo will let me write porn on Father's Day, though.

06/16/07 - Road trip day! Meanwhile, check out a web comic preview of Episode 2. I bet the full strip is gunna blow you away.

06/14/07 - IAT story update! (This is Dee's second-to-last orgasm in the novel, folks. Here's hoping it's a doozy.)

06/11/07 - Sorry for the wait: IAT story update! (When you read it, I think you'll see why it took a while.)

06/10/07 - Please forgive the self-indulgence of the Interview with Mrs. Oblimo. The next update is taking me a while, so I'm brainstorming to keep my mind in gear.

06/08/07 - IAT web comic episode premier! Please check it out and tell us what you think! (Mad Adric added an easter egg to the last panel - the kind that comes in pairs.)

06/05/07 - Quicky-kinky IAT update!

06/03/07 - (2) Quick IAT update to round out the day and get the party started.

06/03/07 - (1) IAT update! (Will work through more roughs this afternoon.) Also, added a critical step to the web comic development process.

06/01/07 - Still working on the next update. Meanwhile, the web comic project has begun. Please check out the workshop at let us know what you think!

05/30/07 - I've got critical work deadlines this week, but I hope to update by Friday night (06/01). Meanwhile, to prove the concept, I've added three more episodes to the script file. What would you guys think of a "PG-13" IAT web comic?

05/28/07 - (2) IAT story update! (For those wondering: Tomoe's a major fangirl of William Blake and Hieronymus Bosch. "Oh, hey! Don't forget Katsushika Hokusai. Five yen got you a lot of tentacle porn two hundred years ago.")

05/28/07 - (1) I am looking for a comic collaborator! Click here to download a script of an IAT one page comic strip (rtf format file). Interested in penciling, inking, or anything? Want to get paid for it? Email me and let me know!

05/26/07 - IAT story update! ("Tag team!")

05/23/07 - IAT story update!

05/22/07 - IAT story update! (We're in Raz country now, folks.)

05/19/07 - IAT story update!

05/17/07 - IAT story update, kicking off Act 5, Ch. 6! (Raspberry heaven, I'm coming back to you…)

05/16/07 - (2) Added a chat room to the SideBar as an experiment. Note to self: never do that again.

05/16/07 - (1) For the curious and/or obsessed, I've posted a short preview of Chapter Six to the Scrap Book. Plus, I'm working on setting up a new chat room, just for us. Check it out!

05/14/07 - I think I finally got the astral message scene of Act 4 Ch. 2, to work. Let me know if it makes more sense now! I'll be working on the start of Act 5 Ch. 6 over the next couple of days, too.

05/12/07 - IAT story mega-update! 2,700 words! End of chapter 5! Authorial histrionics!

05/10/07 - IAT story update! ("Oh, hey! Really? Lemme see…Oh. That's, um…Yeah. You won't get the dreams anymore. I'll…I'll just go sit in the recliner for awhile, okay?")

05/08/07 - IAT update! (Warning: Serious teasage.)

05/07/07 - Act Three pog form go! (Act Three now available in html format for easy offline reading, or whatever-it-is you guys do with this stuff.)

05/05/07 - IAT story update!

05/03/07 - There can be only one IAT story update!

05/02/07 - IAT story update! (Short but dramatic; a critical, climactic plot point I first thought of ten months ago.)

05/01/07 - New Galatea fan art by Mad Adric in the Gallery! (Working on update now!)

04/29/07 - Added a Oblimeebo Pop-Up for the meebo chat widget in the SideBar. Now it's easier than ever to not talk to me!

04/28/07 - (2) Moar IAT story update!

04/28/07 - (1) IAT story update!

04/27/07 - Once again, real life conspires against porn. I plan to post an update tomorrow (Saturday) night!

04/26/07 - Still working on the next update, but Mrs. Oblimo suggested I post a preview of the big reveal to the Scrap Book, because she thinks it's very cute.

04/25/07 - The power of pogs strikes again! Act Two is now available in a single html file for your offline viewing pleasure.

04/24/07 - Ladies and gentlemen, we've arrived: IAT story update. If you aren't gay for SB or Yves yet, I can't help you any more than this. (And, no, it ain't over yet.)

04/23/07 - Shameless self-promotion: While I work on the next update, please visit Act 03 Ch. 04 on Literotica.com and vote for goo!

04/22/07 - Since Chosis is calling me out, I thought I'd start an IAT bibliography. (And I snuck in a story update, but it's not long enough (yet) to mention in the updates section…Oops.)

04/21/07 - IAT story update! The updates get longer, SB gets closer. More tomorrow.

04/20/07 - (2) I'm reworking most of the next update (too talky), but I've posted what I'm keeping in the Scrap Book if you're curious.

04/20/07 - (1) The wiki blew up last night. I'm still working on today's update and there isn't much of today left. On the plus side, I am now Lean Sigma certified.

04/19/07 - Real life delays pr0n yet again. I expect to update the story tomorrow night (Fri. 20th)!

04/17/07 - IAT Act One is back…in pog form! I've uploaded the 2nd draft of Act One, in its entirety, in a single, html file for easy offline reading.

04/16/07 - Very quick (but dirty & funny) IAT story update!

04/15/07 - IAT story revision! (Link fixed.) Added an important plot point to yesterday's update. I recommend a reread for those following the plot as well as the sex (all 3 of you).

04/14/07 - (2) Aw, man. Forgot the important plot detail about Yves' wound in today's update. Will retcon it in tomorrow.

04/14/07 - (1) IAT story update!

04/12/07 - IAT story update! It's time for some slash. "Oh, hey! Finally."

04/10/07 - Illness slows down writing porn like you wouldn't believe. I plan to update Thursday, 04/12!

04/08/07 - IAT chapter revision. Edited and reorganized the troublesome Act03-Ch04. If you haven't read it in a while, please check it out and tell me what you think!

04/06/07 - IAT story update! I give you Lesson Six.

04/04/07 - IAT story update! (Everyone who remembers "lesson five" go, "Ooh! And all this time I thought Oblimo had forgotten it," if you please.)

04/03/07 - Very brief IAT story update. Too short to normally post, but I'd love someone to check my automotive terms and tell me what I messed up.

04/02/07 - 400 mile road trip today! This time, with a mini daschund puppy in the back seat. I hope to update tomorrow if all goes well.

03/30/07 - As promised: IAT story update! Launch of Chapter Five!

03/26/07 - Work-related deadlines and travel will prevent me from updating until March 30th, unless I am lucky. Wish me luck!

03/25/07 - IAT story update!

03/23/07 - IAT story update! ("I don't know…Third base!")

03/22/07 - Bah, who needs real life; this was too fun not to share. IAT story update! More on Friday.

03/21/07 - Real life strikes again; expect a long update by Friday night (03/23)! In the meantime, MegaScribble Nyx Go!

03/19/07 - Almost...there. No, I lied. We're there: IAT story update!

03/18/07 - IAT story update! 2/3rds to where I wanted be, but it's a good ride. Unyx fans should check out the revision for new naughty Unyxie bits.

03/17/07 - IAT story update! Clocking in at 1,000 words, it's only half the update I hope post this weekend.

03/16/07 - "Real" life, and Tomoe, kept me busy. I expect to update tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon (US CST)!

03/14/07 - IAT story update! (Tomoe, quit stealing the show. Jeez.)

03/12/07 - IAT story update!

03/10/07 - Full IAT story update! (Now please excuse me. Mrs. Oblimo is standing in the front door with car keys in hand, shouting "Spartaaaa!" I think I gotta go.)

03/09/07 - I plan a full update tomorrow night, but I've added a preview in the Scrap Book. Warning for new readers: Scrap Book previews are pretty rough and subject to change.

03/07/07 - IAT story update!

03/05/07 - Let's get this party started: IAT story update!

03/04/07 - IAT story update! Start of Act05 Chapter 4! (Yes, even more build up. No, I will not be cutting to Yves in the next update. Yes, the goorgy has finally begun and there's nothing I can do to stop it.)

03/02/07 - (2) IAT story update! (I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. No, not the dreams again! I'll make it up to you, I swear.)

03/02/07 - (1) New artwork by Pythian Habenero added to the Gallery! I plan a story update by tomorrow (Saturday) night at the latest.

02/28/07 - IAT story update! Talk about pouring it on thick. Homework! Pour yourself a raspberry lime rickey.

02/26/07 - IAT story update. This one's a tad intense: can you count the fetishes?

02/25/07 - (2) IAT story update! Many thanks to Mrs. Oblimo for helping me work the material from the workshop into the story.

02/25/07 - (1) Added two more scenes to the Finale Workshop. Also included the workshop at the end of Act05 Ch03. Both locations load from the same source, so both are current.

02/24/07 - (2) The next two scenes are going to take a while, so I opened up a Finale Workshop, including the bit that kicks off the orgy. Next will be the start of SB's seduction of Yves. Need input!

02/24/07 - (1) "Oh, hey! Tomoe here. Oblimo forgot to mention my purse, and I'll need it soon, so he retconned it into Act 5. Let's pretend we don't notice or care. It'll really screw with his head."

02/22/07 - (3) Okay, a lot of people are laughing at the idea of Ben Franklin having a wild sex life: Dudes, the man got more tail than Casanova.

02/22/07 - (2) Ginormous IAT story update! Plus, the old Act05 Ch02 is the new Chapter 3. That's where all new updates will go. Bookmark accordingly!

02/22/07 - (1) FYI: Later today, I will be taking more of AdamZ's advice, splitting up Act05 Ch01 into two chapters and moving the current updating chapter to Ch03. Fair warning!

02/21/07 - AdamZ says he's getting anxious, so let's declare Act05 Chapter02 open for business! To kick it off, here's an IAT story update dedicated to AdamZ.

02/20/07 - Survey results with 99 respondents! The survey is now closed. Thank you for participating!

02/18/07 - (2) Pythian Habenero's megascribble art added to the gallery! That makes two girls on the Innernet!

02/18/07 - (1) Survey results with 55 respondents! The survey closes after 100 responses, so hurry and help shape the IAT sequel!

02/17/07 - (2) IAT story update! End of Act 5, Chapter 1! And don't forget the survey!

02/17/07 - (1) Please take the IAT character survey! Vote for your favorite meliae! (No info other than your answers is stored!)

02/15/07 - Happy 50% Off Chocolate Assortment Day! Oh, and how about an IAT story update.

02/14/07 - Presenting a very special Valentine's Day IAT update! Back story! Love triangles! Family drama! Ends in tears! Yep, sounds like Valentine's Day to me.

02/13/07 - (2) lfBEM story completion! I had to prove to myself that I could actually finish a story, even if 5,000 words over budget.

02/13/07 - (1) lfBEM story update! It's a rough draft of the story's big punchline, and I couldn't resist posting it to see if it floats or sinks.

02/12/07 - IAT story update! Short but suspenseful. Plus a lfBEM story update! Xixa gets system shock.

02/11/07 - (2) Got a 400 mile road trip today, so here's another lfBEM update to prove I still care.

02/11/07 - (1) le femme BEM story update! (The last section has three parts, and I didn't want to leave the story dangling so I posted the first part by itself.)

02/10/07 - le femme BEM story update! No, of course that's not the end. What kind of fanfic would that be? There's one two more updates to go.

02/09/07 - (2) le femme BEM story update! In celebration of Dadward's implied A-OK by his plugging of the story on the Xixa DA Site, I'm going to finally finish the darn thing.

02/09/07 - (1) TEMPORARY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Pr0n is safe. Putting in quick fix now (11:30 PM EST). Quick fix in place (12:00 AM EST).

02/08/07 - New center spread of Unyx by Shyft added to the Gallery!

02/07/07 - New Pin-up of Galatea by JChico added to the Gallery! (He says he's only read the first two chapters of Act One so far. Heh.)

02/05/07 - IAT story update! (Who is more goth than thou, O Ursula?)

02/04/07 - (2) IAT story update! (Introducing...)

02/04/07 - (1) IAT story update!

02/03/07 - (3) Luminary Xion provides some amazing CoV modeling of Black Cherry and proves once and for all that there are girls on the Innernet.

02/03/07 - (2) Split up Act Two from two chapters into five: Ch. 01: Milk to Cream, Ch. 02: Weird Science, Ch. 03: It's All Within, Ch. 04: You Can't Break, Ch. 05: Both to Blame. Why? Dunno. Innernet?

02/03/07 - (1) Split Act One Chapter Three into Ch. 03: That Wave and Ch. 04: Your Ocean. Same content, new song lyric from Galatea's play-list!

02/02/07 - (2) To read Act 5 Chapter 1 with minimal formating, click and bookmark the body page. All body page urls use "IAT-Act0x-Chapter0x-Body".

02/02/07 - (1) Completed one-chapter-per-page conversion. If you liked it the old way, use one of the "(All)" links in the SideBar.

01/31/07 - IAT story update!

01/29/07 - I've kicked off the one-chapter-per-page conversion with a fun new cover page, and converted Book One.

01/28/07 - IAT story update! 50,000 unique visitor, 460,000 page hit get! New one chapter per page format! Evil cliffhanger! Etc.

01/25/07 - IAT story update!

01/24/07 - New full color art by LiquidMark in the Gallery! Look-it. Look-it! Would ya look-it?

01/22/07 - IAT story update!

01/21/07 - (2) IAT story update! (BC v. CC: round one.)

01/21/07 - (1) The inks of LiquidMark's Fee Galatea commission are up in the Gallery! Take a look at tell me what you think!

01/19/07 - Shortest IAT story update evar!

01/18/07 - IAT story update (with minor edits to the prior update)! Will she or won't she? Stay tuned.

01/16/07 - IAT story update (link fixed)!

01/15/07 - IAT story update! (Does he or doesn't he?)

01/13/07 - (2) IAT story update! Book Five is officially up and running.

01/13/07 - (1) IAT story update! Interlude and finale of Book Four. This one may prove controversial.

01/12/07 - My shout box service has gone on the blink, again. It's free so I shouldn't complain but I do anyway.

01/11/07 - Added a Thought Bubble Workshop to fish for advice. (How do I thought bubble?)

01/10/07 - IAT story update! End of Chapter Twelve! Introducing new flashback thought bubbles! Let me know if you like 'em, so I can use them throughout or chuck 'em.

01/09/07 - For those in need of some new IAT I posted a rough draft section of the next update to the Scrap Book. I hope to finish chapter 12 in the next update, probably Friday, and polish off Book 4 this weekend.

01/08/07 - Cleaned up the crowded SideBar but sullied the wiki with Alexander Angel, one of my first (and very worst) pr0n stories.

01/07/07 - Officially kicked off Nymphaeum, my fic-for-pic art trade with Shyft. ¡Ay mama!

01/05/07 - IAT story update! (Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee.)

01/04/07 - First IAT story update of the year! And to celebrate: paragraph indents!

01/02/07 - Kick off 2007 right with a le femme BEM update (link fixed for real this time)! Score is now Xixa: 2, Space Marines: Zilch.

12/31/06 - (2) Ring in the New Year with a surprise sex scene in the latest IAT update!

12/31/06 - (1) Posted 750 word le femme BEM update while I work out the rest of the IAT SRU scene. le femme BEM is more than halfway finished now.

12/29/06 - (2) Another story update gets me to today's quota of 1000 words.

12/29/06 - (1) A quick story update to keep things rolling. More to follow later today. (And check out the art gallery!)

12/28/06 - New fan art of Nyxified Ursula added to the gallery, thanks to Shyft! Minor spoiler and major hawtness alert. Also, please give feedback on the gallery! Especially if you want moar, like I do.

12/27/06 - The next IAT update isn't quite ready yet. I'm shooting for Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, the plot finally shows up in le femme BEM.

12/26/06 - Wrote more Xixa weirdness while trying to figure out how to get the clapper out of Raspberry's head. "Ha! I've got the clap!" Shut up, Raz, Jeez.

12/25/06 - Happy everything, everybody! I revised yesterday's update, based on reader requests to 1) unscramble dialog and 2) "mention Nyx summore." (Give you one guess who asked for #2.)

12/24/06 - Merry IAT story update!

12/23/06 - (2) See how it all started! Check out a chunk of the original IAT posts and comments from 4chan's old BBS.

12/23/06 - (1) Road trip inspiration lead to the start of my first "fic for pic" art trade. Let me know if I'm doing it right!

12/20/06 - Story update! (Sphygmomanometer?)

12/19/06 - Short story retcon and added dialogue. Forgot to mention a minor plot point.

12/17/06 - (3) New fan art added to the Gallery, thanks to Mr. Monday! Mr. Monday, please email me with your custom short story request.

12/17/06 - (2) STOP THE PRESSES! EXTENDED UPDATE! Added 1,600 more words of 100% pure Strawberry Banana goo'ness. I'm trying for the most outrageous DG money-shot in history, here, folks. Let me know if it works.

12/17/06 - (1) Story update! (Another road trip today, so this one's a tad short.)

12/14/06 - Story update! (Banana gets taken for a test drive.)

12/11/06 - Story update! She's back, and she brought her banana!

12/10/06 - Story update!

12/09/06 - Started a real blog (which can be viewed on the wiki or on blogspot proper). Hopefully, the easier interface will mean more frequent blogging.

12/08/06 - Story update! (This one is a test of True Nerdhood.)

12/07/06 - Darkbunny is helping me with a java IRC applet (thanks Db!). We'll try the chats later in the evening next time. Also, I hope to have the next update posted by Saturday night!

12/06/06 - First pre-scheduled chat is about to start. No idea if this is going to work. Let's find out!

12/05/06 - Quick story update to start Chapter 12 off with a bang!

12/04/06 - Story update! (Fixed link - Sorry.) End of Chapter 11! The format is pretty experimental, so let me know if it works.

12/02/06 - Story update!

11/30/06 - Story update! (Short but freaky-hot.)

11/28/06 - Story update!

11/27/06 - Set up the FAQ. Do you have a question you want answered in the FAQ? Submit a comment on the top of the FAQ page!

11/25/06 - Story update! (Major plot point, including a moment I've been planning out for freakin' months.)

11/24/06 - Story update. (Warning: drama!)

11/23/06 - Happy (USA) Thanksgiving! Time for a roadtrip! Still planning on an update tomorrow night.

11/19/06 - Story update! 100,000 WORDS!

11/18/06 - Posted a preview of the next update in the Scrap Book.

11/15/06 - Story update! (Short 'n sharp.)

11/14/06 - Story update! (A quickie.)

11/14/06 - New fan art in the Gallery! Thank you, Mad Adric!

11/13/06 - Roadtripin' back home, but, for the curious, here is are a couple of rough previews of what's about to happen next in the Scrap Book.

11/12/06 - Laptop broke on the roadtrip! Writing w/ pen and paper tonight.

11/11/06 - Road trip! But I'll be (re)writing tonight.

11/07/06 - Story update, kicking off Chapter Eleven!

11/06/06 - Story update, completing Chapter Ten!

11/05/06 - Story update!

11/04/06 - Still working out the kinks, so I posted a rough scrap of part of the next update to the Scrap Book.

11/03/06 - I expect to post an update late tomorrow afternoon!

11/02/06 - I lied. New fan art in the Gallery! Paragon City character models courtesy of Sean R.

11/02/06 - I've been editing, so nothing new yet. Sorry!

10/30/06 - Story update!

10/27/06 - Posted a rough scrap of some of the next update to the Scrap Book.

10/25/06 - Story update! (Rough draft polished and published by demand.)

10/25/06 - Posted a rough draft of the first part of the next update to the Scrap Book.

10/24/06 - No road trips, so I expect to update this Thursday!

10/22/06 - Looks like the tag-world server is down. Phooey.

10/21/06 - Story update! Ha!

10/21/06 - A quick story update finishes the hallway scene. More updates soon, hopefully tonight tomorrow.

10/18/06 - Celebrating the end of the road trips with a fun story update!

10/16/06 - Addendum: Another freakin' 400 mile road trip today! I expect the next update to be posted Thursday or Friday.

10/16/06 - Added some fun hints about the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Cheat Sheet. Check out Chris Siren's Assyro-Babylonian FAQ for a crash course on this stuff.

10/14/06 - Story update! 2,000 words! No sex! But the plot is now officially naked!

10/11/06 - Added a rough draft of the next section of Chapter 10 in the Scrap Book. I'm going on a 400 mile road trip tomorrow, so no updates until the weekend.

10/09/06 - Book Four is open for business! Includes a tiny bit of Chapter Ten, too!

10/08/06 - Spruced up and fleshed out the Cheat Sheet.

10/07/06 - Added a PopUp Chat to the CommPanel, because MJM asked for one.

10/06/06 - Story update! The last Interlude is fisinished, along with Book Three!

10/05/06 - Added another chunk of the Interlude to the Scrap Book preview section. 2/3rds done at 1400 words.

10/05/06 - Created a Communications Panel, all the ways to chat with Oblimo & friends on one page! Please let me know if there are any bugs.

10/04/06 - Posted a preview of the upcoming Interlude between Books Three and Four in the scrap book.

10/02/06 - Story update! Chapter Nine is finished! Can you believe we're going to Book Four? I sure as heck can't.

09/30/06 - The reworked scene is up. Not much modification, but I think it's better. So there (x2).

09/29/06 - Opened a Workshop! It seems that the latest update was too weird, even for you guys ;) , so I am reworking it based on reader feedback. Please leave a comment in the Workshop if you have any questions or ideas!

09/28/06 - Story update! Looks like I lied about ending the chapter, but the 4th to last sex scene is finished. So there.

09/24/06 - Story update! The update after this one will finish off Chapter Nine.

09/21/06 - Story update! This chapter's end is nigh.

09/20/06 - Edited Chapter One. Holy crap, why didn't anyone tell me about all those typos?

09/19/06 - Story update! I hope you like it hot, folks.

09/17/06 - Added a short preview of the shower scene to the Scrap Book since I didn't get enough of my notes reworked for a full update. Still: Pluvia scaenae!

09/16/06 - Story update! I'm still rewriting; I expect to post more tomorrow night.

09/14/06 - Added a meebo IM widget to the SideBar. If you want to send me an private instant message, wanting to know what's taking so darn long with the latest updates for example, just meebo me!

09/12/06 - Started a page of lists. Warning: contains vague spoilers.

09/10/06 - Structural and stylistical editing of Chapter Eight (no new substance yet).

09/08/06 - Story update!

09/05/06 - Story update. Shorter but hotter.

09/02/06 - Split Chapter Six of Book Three into two smaller chapters with a bunch of structural editing (no new substance yet).

08/31/06 - Story update, finally! Short but hot.

08/23/06 - Story update! (First section of Chapter Eight!)

08/21/06 - Posted the second draft of Chapter Six; no major changes, just lots of typos and a few continuity fixes. The convention is finally over, so I hope to post a real update by Thursday!

08/16/06 - Added a quick preview of Chapter 8 to the Scrap book.

08/15/06 - FYI: Maradon's updated his story, and the maniac has set up a message board for discussing goo-girl fiction.

08/13/06 - Looks like Tag-World finished updating their servers. Fixed the font/background color problem in the ShoutBox

08/10/06 - Story update, concluding Chapter Seven. Warning: there may not be an update next week; I've got one last convention to support before my promotion.

08/05/06 - It's alive! Story update! Another 1400 words brings the story's (first) lesbian scene past the 11K mark, meaning it gets its own chapter and song verse. Any suggestions for a good lyric?

08/02/06 - Moving to a new apartment! Spotty Internet connection! Will post update later this week!

7/31/06 - Maradon has taken the plunge and started his own goo girl story site! Please provide him with feedback and encouragement, and write your own stuff too! Send me an email and I'll be delighted to host your story or post a link.

7/29/06 - Story update! 1,700 words to celebrate 10K unique daily hits!

7/28/06 - Story update! (Here endeth Lesson Four.)

7/27/06 - Since "real" work is slowing down my writing this week, I've set up a Scrap Book of the update I'm working on. I hope to have a real update ready Friday night.

7/25/06 - The real world intrudes; the next update may be delayed until this Thursday or Friday.

7/22/06 - Story update!

7/20/06 - A quick update to prove I'm still alive and typing. This one needed a little ret-con.

7/17/06 - Added a blog! (Sad, isn't it?)

7/15/06 - Story update! (Lesson three is done, lesson four has just begun.)

7/12/06 - Story update!

7/10/06 - Added Bad Witch, a preliminary dialogue scene, to the Cutting Room Floor.

7/08/06 - Changed "Jellojitsu" to "Goojitsu." Thanks, Jako! Your pun-fu is mightier than mine!

7/08/06 - Added a popup Chat Room!

7/07/06 - Story update!

7/06/06 - Update to the Cutting Room Floor wherein I have intercourse with my wife!

7/05/06 - Story update. (Quicky but kinky.)

7/03/06 - Opened the Gallery! With new art of Black Cherry! (Wow, and I mean wow. I am looking for more art; I'll trade customized erotica for it!)

7/02/06 - Story update!

6/29/06 - My family is moving to a new house, so updates may be delayed until Monday the 3rd.

6/27/06 - Story update. (An appetizer-sized portion of Chapter Seven.)

6/24/06 - Story update! (Finishing Chapter Six! So much for plot, time to get back to the sex!)

6/24/06 - Added Galatea art to home page! (Hit refresh to see.) Original image.

6/21/06 - Story update. (Almost...there.)

6/20/06 - Quick story update to prove I'm still alive. Hope to finish Chapter 6 tonight or tomorrow.

6/18/06 - Added a links page.

6/17/06 - Story update. (Still no sex. Thanks to Jason for the nickname "Cherry Cupcake!")

6/15/06 - Story update. (No sex, just plot.)

6/12/06 - Story update (finishing Black Cherry's (first?) big scene).

6/10/06 - Submitted the first section of the story to Literotica to see what the literoti think of it.

6/09/06 - Story update!

6/05/06 - I am working 15 hours days at a business convention until the 7th, so updates may be delayed until Friday the 9th.

6/04/06 - Story update. (60,008 words!)

6/03/06 - Copy of Book One formatted for offline viewing available for download!

6/03/06 - New disclaimer on the home page thanks to Liquid Mark!

6/01/06 - Story update. (A quickie. But dirty!)

5/30/06 - Preview of a future scene added to the Cutting Room Floor. (Spoilers!)

5/29/06 - Story update ("Bring it.")

5/28/06 - Fixed update links. Added a minor revision to the latest update to show what's going on inside Yves' head.

5/28/06 - Story update. This first section of the big scene of Chapter Six is pretty experimental. Let me know if it works!

5/26/06 - Addendum: I just noticed the embarrassment of adverbs in End Times. Must edit after I get through the next section of It's Always Time!

5/26/06 - Created a vault for old stories. Added End Times, a story I wrote years ago. Be gentle.

5/26/06 - Added ShoutBox to SideBar.

5/26/06 - Next section is proving to be tricky. I expect to post it to the story or the cutting room floor tomorrow evening. (Sorry!)

5/24/06 - Created Home Page. Formatted Book One. Created toggle for CheatSheet (i.e., wasted hours on html instead of writing porn).

5/23/06 - Added goofy cheat sheet to the SideBar (I'm amazed it works).

5/22/06 - Story update (...and I thought this stuff couldn't get any weirder).

5/21/06 - Story update (teaser ending, but the fun has begun).

5/20/06 - Story update (subtle cliffhanger; the real fun is just about to start).

5/19/06 - Added the completed scene to Yves Explains It All. I don't want to post it to the main page because this section doesn't move the story forward (yet) and I'm working on somethin' big.

5/18/06 - Added a dialogue between Dee and Yves to the Cutting Room Floor (revised).

5/18/06 - Fixed a continuity error in Chapter Five. My thanks to Gavin for pointing it out!

5/17/06 - Story Update: Book Three!

5/17/06 - Using iframe to keep an update log (oooh, fancy).

5/16/06 - Placed rough draft of the introduction to Book Three on the Cutting Room Floor.


5/15/06 - Revised the Interlude of Book Two (original draft now on the Cutting Room Floor).

5/14/05 - Story update (concluding Book Two).

5/13/06 - Story update (completing Chapter Five).

5/11/06 - Story update.

5/10/06 - Story updates.

5/10/06 - Minor retcon; story now starts on a Sunday night.

5/7/06 - The story is now split into two pages, Book One and Book Two.

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